Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Today saw the death of a great man in so many respects, a prophet, a gentleman, visionary & a terrific musician/songwriter.....
.....Pete Seeger.
The world is a sadder place this evening.

"Turn around...."

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Does EVERYONE. love sport??

Just a short rant this evening folks.Hey, it's my first rant on line in 2014!!
Anyhow.I know England got wiped off the field in every cricket test match they played against the Aussies, but do we have to have sport rammed down each & every one of our senses??
The television advertisements for example this evening were pushing the big sell for broadband providers.BY are apparently offering broadband for £5 odd per month for 6 months increasing to between £10-20 thereafter.
This is all very well I'm sure,quite reasonable I guess. B But then they add quite assertivly that it comes with FREE sports Christmas channel coverage. WOW!!
That's sealed the deal then! It's a must have.....not. Why is there this apparent assumption that everyone is into sport?? The assumption appears to be that everyone must either watch, take part in, or be deeply fanatical about sport of some kind.
However for me I have about as much interest in sport as I have in reading the Daily Mail.
I'm sick of the insinuation that because of my lack of interest in sport my life is incomplete.
Sod sport.It does my head in, give me my books & music all & every time.