Saturday, 24 July 2010

Thank God.....

I'm near the end of my tether, but the end is in sight..... I think my friend John Spithead will will understand me here when i say that for the last 12 months I have lost my wife...You see she has been doing this bloody Masters degree & has spent every available hour glued to this machine typing her blood assignment either in the kitchen, front room or....the bedroom.
OK so I'm feeling sorry for myself but its like being widowed I guess. However shes almost finished the fucking thing--Hooray!!! I shall have her back!!

Mind you the weather has been kind so I've been out on my bike & met & made lots of interesting people who have become my friends. The local retro clothes shop-'Top Banana' is a haven of interesting people & the shops owner/manger-Kevin is both welcoming & wonderful company. (today I met a delicious 40 something lady who shared a cuppa & chat with us)

Sexual fantasies aside Katie is back (almost) & I am pleased that she is. The memories eastern front sends a shudder running through me deep into my marrow.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

(Cameron) & a stupid ignorant.....

I see that our Eton educated schoolboy prime minister Cameron thinks that the United States were in the Second World War in 1940. He apparently said whilst touring the States that Britain was "..the junior partner in the relationship with the United States in 1940"
Now I failed my 11 plus, (that explains everything I hear you say) but I do know that the States didn't come into WW2 until 1941 when Japan & Nazi Germany declared war on on the USA following Japans bombing of Pearl harbour.Though the States did supply some war materials notably some very old destroyers in return for naval bases in the West Indies-'Lend Lease'.

Cameron, you're not only a naive twat, you're a stupid,ignorant naive twat who has added insult to injury to the generation who gave their tomorrows for us to have our today.

Cameron, you're a naive twat.......

That Eton educated twat David Cameron announced that he intend to bring back a form of 'National Service' for young people. This will involve them taking part in community projects such as caring for the elderly, gardening, street cleaning etc etc. All for no pay, rather its for the "good of society as a whole & for their maturity".
What a prat. So not only do we have every police force in the country not taking on any new recruits because of a freeze on funds, instead prospective recruits have been told they can become 'Special Constables'-having the same powers as regular police constables BUT not receiving any pay!! Policing on the cheap.
Not only do the young not have any employment opportunities they are expected to work for nothing, for the love of life & for life experience. Yes..... I see thousands flocking to sign on for the scheme.....

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


So the west has given the world a date when they'll pull out of that troubled bloodstained land. However, not only have they told the world but they have told their enemy-i.e. the Taliban.
Now forgive me if I appear stupid, & I know absolutely naff all about military tactics, but I'd have thought that rule number 1 of military engagement is that you NEVER tell your enemy what your plans are!! So why have we told the Taliban that our plan is to pull out of their country by 2015??!!
In effect though what we have admitted too is that we like the Soviets before us & the ourselves in the late 19th Century, found war in Afghanistan 'unwinable'. A waste of money, resources & most importantly of life. The lives of young men, women & children from both sides. A waste of huge amounts of money which the west cannot afford.
No matter how many grand words we use, that country will continue to be ruled by corrupt warlords, who at this moment are syphoning millions of dollars/pounds (GBP) of our money into their own coffers whilst their own people starve & live in sub-human conditions.That we will never change.

To date its taken the lives of approximately 329 young men to arrive at the decision to pull out in 2015. You politicians should hang your heads in shame at the misery to the families of people in this country, the USA & in Afghanistan.

I say again...he who ignores the lessons of history is destined to repeat them. We have chosen to do this.
But what, would someone please tell me... what are we trying to do in Afghanistan??
I could go on about the sheer folly & waste of life but whats the point??

Troops out now!!!!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

The BBC licence fee

The Fascists who recently announced that they were going to reduce the working man (few remaining that there is) to a life of even further impoverishment today announced that they plan to reduce the outrageous BBC licence fee. This they say, is in keeping with the general cutbacks they are making in the economy. Fair enough. I believe that the current licence fee is nothing short of theft. The sheer crap that BBC broadcasts isn't worth a tinkers cuss. The only beacon of light shining forth is Radio Four(4) & occasionally Radio Three (3). Saying that the amount of repeats Radio 4 broadcasts appears to be on the increase, & I think the 'comedy shows' it puts out now are total shite.

I now want to comment on that total wanker Jonathan Ross. I hear this week that he has broadcast his last 'show' on the BBC. Do I give a flying fuck? Do I hell as like!!
The man is a a prime example of wankership. He is a vastly overpaid, untalented piece of shit. There is no way under God's heaven that he was worth the million pounds (or more if my fading memory serves me correctly)per year he was paid. Good riddance you scruffy workshy bastard! I for one WILL NOT be wasting my time watching you ponce around on commercial television. Twat!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bloody good for me(?)

The latest object of my elderly lust is Lorraine (the cleavage) Kelly. It was she some months ago I saw on the telly advocating the health benefits of pumpkin seeds &, as I was in love with her, at least carnally, I took what she said as gospel & begun to eat the aforementioned seeds daily on my (Aldi) wheatbix. Have I felt any health benefits?? Some, I have to admit but I will not disclose these here & now.
However, thanks to the busty Ms Kelly eating pumpkin seeds has necessitated me travelling to see the not so busty Mr Bentley (BDS B'ham) in Hamstead Heath (Birmingham, not bloody London) as today I chipped a tooth biting on a seed. Bastard!

Although madly in lustful love with the delightful Ms Kelly, I do blame her for my tongue grating on the jagged tooth, & I think she should consider soothing my slightly swollen tongue by allowing me to run my tongue along the perimeter her naked ample bosom.

Sadly I fear that will never happen, but I will go on eating pumpkin seeds & lusting after Ms Kelly.
I ask myself though.....what ever did I see in Charlie Dimmock all those years ago?? Awful.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Its a bastard...

It really is... I've been thinking, which.I hear you mutter is always a dangerous thing for me to do, of the way things are at he moment.
Wherever I go, wherever I look most things I hear are instructional, warning me (& you) against this or that. I was at the local train station the other day & I saw a sign telling me not to stand to close to the edge or I "might get sucked off". Well, I tell you I stood there for a good 10 minutes & no one came along to suck me off. I'm told that I have to wear a life jacket on the plane, to wear a set belt on the plane & when in the car-fuck off!! What if I don't want to? what if I want to die at sea or get catapulted head first through the car windscreen? Its my bastard choice! To make matters worse the cops will charge me if I don't wear a set belt in my car & then....if I don't put the bloody belt on the bloody car makes a loud 'bleeping' sound til I do! Jesus, Mary & Joseph!!!

Boy racers tearing about the roads, probably without insurance, cutting people up, jumping the orderly traffic queue but do they get pulled over?? O no...The decent mature driver gets pulled over because he may have one stop light not working.Unjust or what??!!

I'll wear a cycling helmet when I want to wear one not because RoSPA says its the safest thing to do. Bloody nanny state. Feck off & leave me alone.