Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Its a bastard...

It really is... I've been thinking, which.I hear you mutter is always a dangerous thing for me to do, of the way things are at he moment.
Wherever I go, wherever I look most things I hear are instructional, warning me (& you) against this or that. I was at the local train station the other day & I saw a sign telling me not to stand to close to the edge or I "might get sucked off". Well, I tell you I stood there for a good 10 minutes & no one came along to suck me off. I'm told that I have to wear a life jacket on the plane, to wear a set belt on the plane & when in the car-fuck off!! What if I don't want to? what if I want to die at sea or get catapulted head first through the car windscreen? Its my bastard choice! To make matters worse the cops will charge me if I don't wear a set belt in my car & then....if I don't put the bloody belt on the bloody car makes a loud 'bleeping' sound til I do! Jesus, Mary & Joseph!!!

Boy racers tearing about the roads, probably without insurance, cutting people up, jumping the orderly traffic queue but do they get pulled over?? O no...The decent mature driver gets pulled over because he may have one stop light not working.Unjust or what??!!

I'll wear a cycling helmet when I want to wear one not because RoSPA says its the safest thing to do. Bloody nanny state. Feck off & leave me alone.