Saturday, 24 July 2010

Thank God.....

I'm near the end of my tether, but the end is in sight..... I think my friend John Spithead will will understand me here when i say that for the last 12 months I have lost my wife...You see she has been doing this bloody Masters degree & has spent every available hour glued to this machine typing her blood assignment either in the kitchen, front room or....the bedroom.
OK so I'm feeling sorry for myself but its like being widowed I guess. However shes almost finished the fucking thing--Hooray!!! I shall have her back!!

Mind you the weather has been kind so I've been out on my bike & met & made lots of interesting people who have become my friends. The local retro clothes shop-'Top Banana' is a haven of interesting people & the shops owner/manger-Kevin is both welcoming & wonderful company. (today I met a delicious 40 something lady who shared a cuppa & chat with us)

Sexual fantasies aside Katie is back (almost) & I am pleased that she is. The memories eastern front sends a shudder running through me deep into my marrow.


  1. Feck off matey!!!
    Make the most of seeing Charlotte now old lad cos you won't be seeing much of her when she starts doing hers!!!