Saturday, 28 July 2012

London 2012 Olympic Games

David Cameron (Lt) & Adian Burley MP (Rt)

I think by now the message is well known to all reader of my rants & ravings: I believe that the expenditure on the London Olympic Games is disproportionate to the current financial state that the UK (& Europe) finds itself in. I have postulated my alternative option for the games & I stick by that option.

However I watched on TV last night the extravagant opening ceremony of the Games. It went on for around 3 hours, and I must admit, it both brought a tear to my cynical eye and, made me a wee bit proud of the UK.(I NEVER thought that I'd say that!!)

The film director Danny Boyle did an excellent & wonderful job in his portrayal of Britain. The sets, music, dancing & special effects were fantastic. To top it all Queen Lizzie herself did a performance with James Bond!!-Good on her!! I especially liked the set devoted to that most noteworthy & noble institution- the National Health Service.
The UK's Health Service used to be the envy of the world, & whilst envy & pride is a wicked things , I believe we here in the UK should be rightly proud of our NHS.
 Imagine my dismay & disgust this morning then when I heard that  a Conservative MP- The Rt Hon Adian Burley-  dismissed the ceremony as "Leftish crap multicultural crap". More worryingly the comments were made at a Nazi themed stag party. I ask myself and David Cameron, what is one of his part members doing at an extreme right wing political party social event???

But what do we expect from the middle class , public school boy, out of touch right wing Fascist party? Mr Burly should be mindful that  it was on the sweat, blood and bones of my ancestors that his party made their fortunes. That the working class of countless generations worked upwards of  14hours daily to create the wealth that his party then took from the workers and squandered on their lavish life styles. It was the same working class that his party of ruling class toffs sent to their deaths in the countless pointless wars that were initiated in the name of 'peace'.

Get back to your ivory tower Mr Burley, gouge yourself on your foie gras & read your history books.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

A bunch of paper pushing unjust prats?

An item in the news in the UK today takes the biscuit. It illustrates to me that in the UK today there are lots of laws but very little justice. It illustrates that the nation is run in reality by faceless bureaucratics' who pass judgement on the population at the stroke of a ball point pen and rubber stamp.

I don't agree with the war in Afghanistan. Its not a just war, a war that can never be 'won'. And as if to illustrate the unjust nature of the war a British soldier with 13 years service, service which has seen him serve this country in Iraq & in Afghanistan. earned him a string of medals, suffer the torture of PTSD and now he has left the British army hoping to settle in the UK.
You see the soldier in question is not from the UK. He's a Commonwealth citizen from the islands of Fiji.
Normally it appears that when a soldier from the Commonwealth has served 4 years service in the British armed forces they are entitled to become British citizens. The soldier in question-Lance Corporal Baleweil as left the army and has applied to the British Government to become a citizen. He is married to a English wife and has 2 children.
However: His application has been REFUSED!!  L/Cpl Baleweil has to leave the UK in 1 week and return to Fiji. He is being deported. Yes you read correctly...Deported.

Why?? Well it appears that some years ago he was (whilst in the army, he got into a fight with another soldier prompted by alcohol. L/Cpl Baleweil was never charged by the army, he was apparently 'disciplined 'and fined. That's all
But because of this 1 'sin' he is being denied citizenship by the nation he served. The UK border agency (who apparently wields the sword' on these matters, has decided: he has to get the hell out of the UK.
What a disgraceful way to treat  a man who was prepared to lay his life down for the country he hoped he'd be able to settle in.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Laziest people in Europe??!!

I almost choked over my Marmite on toast breakfast this morning. I had the 8am news on BBC Radio 4 as usual when they announced that in a recent survey the population of the UK was found to be the most ..."obese and laziest nation in Europe...". The researchers who came up with these findings said that adults ..."ought to engage in at least 30 minutes moderate activity per week, such activity would be walking or cycling...." And that 65% of the UK population fail to meet recommended levels of physical activity.

All well and good I say, & no doubt that their findings are probably correct.. However I wonder if these esteemed  (who hail from Brazil incidentally),white-coated, head in the clouds researchers have included in their research the facts that we are possibly the 1 nation in Europe with the fewest holidays?Have they taken into account that Cameron & his crowd of robbers now make the (few) workers there are work up until they are approx' 72 yrs of age on average?  Or that by the end of the working day the working population are too tired to actually go out fro a brisk walk on streets denuded of front line police officers by his Government, in their attempts to either save money or provide security for the damn Olympic Games?
Have these hair brained researchers taken into the equation that here in the UK the weather is totally awful, that is rained daily for the last 3 months, or that in winter it gets dark at 3:30pm? (when most of us still employed are still at work).
I'm not the most active of Brits nor am the most fit or slimmest,I do try to go out on my bike (weather permitting!) daily or have a walk in my local park at least weekly with Kate. But I'm also aware that I am very lucky. I have 2 lovely parks nearby and that I am semi retired and have the benefit of daylight & more energy.

I sometimes wish though that these research people would ;look at the bigger picture. But maybe they do.....& the BBC (the Governments mouthpiece) only tell us not even half the picture...rather the bit of the picture the Government wants us to see & hear(?).
O yes...the researches also siad that drinking "moderate amounts of alcohol in middle to late age can increse the onset of dementia. Common sense or what?!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Further nonsense on the 2012 Olympics.

Its a matter of days now to the financial farce that has become known as the London Olympic Games 2012.
No doubt the television and radio will be full of  it-the events, bullshit & all the other paraphernalia that been promised. I hope that Radio 4 & Classic FM will provide some sort of refuge from this sporting burlesque show of  prattle.
But it gets worse: The British Government have decided to position some Surface to Air (anti aircraft missiles) on the roof(s) of residential blocks of flats/apartments! This, the Government say is to deter would be terrorists from launching an attack on the Games.The residents of the flats & apartments apparently went to the High Court in an attempt to appeal against the Governments decision to position these missiles but guess what....they lost their appeal. Surprise, surprise.
I seem to remember a while ago the 'coalition' forces who, whilst they waged yet another of their illegal wars, condemned the despotic Saddam Hussain for using the people of Iraq as 'Human shields'. Hmmm....
Whatever. The whole concept of citing surface to air anti aircraft missiles on roofs of residential properties is insane &over the top. I note that there are no missiles sited near Knightsbridge or Mayfair or anywhere else nearby the West End of London. Nor are there any missiles sited around the finanical area of the City of London -maybe there's a message in that though!!
 My history tells me that during the Second World War the Brits cited their anti aircraft guns away from residential property.

Ranting about matters financial, I see that Bob Diamond the former chief exe' of Barclay's Bank was awarded £2,000,000 as a golden handshake from the company. For once people words fail me.... You don't hear that very often do you!!!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Cameron's Health Service

 I have today fallen a tad ill. Nothing serious, but I need the attention of my family doctor. My doctor works in a group practice of 4 doctors, 2 practice nurses and a chiropodist. In order to make an appointment to see anyone in the surgery its necessary to either call in or phone and book an appointment.

Armed with this knowledge and the telephone number of the surgery I phoned to make an appointment hopefully within the next day or so. However I was told that the next available appointment was on July 23rd.- 3 WEEKS!! 

3 Weeks to see a doctor-God almighty I could be dead and buried whilst waiting to see my family doctor!!
The receptionist when I phone told me that there is an alternative to waiting until July 23rd....I could phone the surgery at 8:30 on Tuesday morning to be seen later that day. "That sounds good" says I. However the receptionist told me that they have only a very limited number of appointments available & that the phones are constantly engaged. But "please feel free to phone".
My daughter who works as a doctor's receptionist in another GP's practice tells me that the '8 :30 am rule' is common, & not to get my hopes up for an appointment because I'll never get through!!

I wonder does Mr Cameron have theses problems when he or his family need to see their family doctor?? Of course not!! He has a private doctor looking after him & all those who orbit around him & share his inner circle.