Saturday, 28 July 2012

London 2012 Olympic Games

David Cameron (Lt) & Adian Burley MP (Rt)

I think by now the message is well known to all reader of my rants & ravings: I believe that the expenditure on the London Olympic Games is disproportionate to the current financial state that the UK (& Europe) finds itself in. I have postulated my alternative option for the games & I stick by that option.

However I watched on TV last night the extravagant opening ceremony of the Games. It went on for around 3 hours, and I must admit, it both brought a tear to my cynical eye and, made me a wee bit proud of the UK.(I NEVER thought that I'd say that!!)

The film director Danny Boyle did an excellent & wonderful job in his portrayal of Britain. The sets, music, dancing & special effects were fantastic. To top it all Queen Lizzie herself did a performance with James Bond!!-Good on her!! I especially liked the set devoted to that most noteworthy & noble institution- the National Health Service.
The UK's Health Service used to be the envy of the world, & whilst envy & pride is a wicked things , I believe we here in the UK should be rightly proud of our NHS.
 Imagine my dismay & disgust this morning then when I heard that  a Conservative MP- The Rt Hon Adian Burley-  dismissed the ceremony as "Leftish crap multicultural crap". More worryingly the comments were made at a Nazi themed stag party. I ask myself and David Cameron, what is one of his part members doing at an extreme right wing political party social event???

But what do we expect from the middle class , public school boy, out of touch right wing Fascist party? Mr Burly should be mindful that  it was on the sweat, blood and bones of my ancestors that his party made their fortunes. That the working class of countless generations worked upwards of  14hours daily to create the wealth that his party then took from the workers and squandered on their lavish life styles. It was the same working class that his party of ruling class toffs sent to their deaths in the countless pointless wars that were initiated in the name of 'peace'.

Get back to your ivory tower Mr Burley, gouge yourself on your foie gras & read your history books.


  1. I loved the opening ceremony and can't wait to watch tonight!
    I apologize for not being around in so long. I no longer use my Blog Roll because it is too time consuming.
    If you would please install the "follow by email" gadget I will gladly sign up!

  2. I heard the MPs bloody awful comments on the radio the day after the ceremony, and ranted about it on facebook. At least David Cameron and Boris didnt condone the idiot's comments xx (Mel)