Monday, 2 July 2012

Cameron's Health Service

 I have today fallen a tad ill. Nothing serious, but I need the attention of my family doctor. My doctor works in a group practice of 4 doctors, 2 practice nurses and a chiropodist. In order to make an appointment to see anyone in the surgery its necessary to either call in or phone and book an appointment.

Armed with this knowledge and the telephone number of the surgery I phoned to make an appointment hopefully within the next day or so. However I was told that the next available appointment was on July 23rd.- 3 WEEKS!! 

3 Weeks to see a doctor-God almighty I could be dead and buried whilst waiting to see my family doctor!!
The receptionist when I phone told me that there is an alternative to waiting until July 23rd....I could phone the surgery at 8:30 on Tuesday morning to be seen later that day. "That sounds good" says I. However the receptionist told me that they have only a very limited number of appointments available & that the phones are constantly engaged. But "please feel free to phone".
My daughter who works as a doctor's receptionist in another GP's practice tells me that the '8 :30 am rule' is common, & not to get my hopes up for an appointment because I'll never get through!!

I wonder does Mr Cameron have theses problems when he or his family need to see their family doctor?? Of course not!! He has a private doctor looking after him & all those who orbit around him & share his inner circle.

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