Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rupert admission(?)

The UK is currently in the grips of the 'Levson Enquiry' which was prompted by the News of the World newspaper hacking into peoples mobile phone calls, their e mails, bribing the police to get a story-all in an attempt to boost the sales figures of the rag.  The owner of this gutter tabloid rag is one Rupert Murdoch who at 81 yrs is as slippery as a barrel full of eels. The News of the World as you may or may not know, was closed by the same Murdoch as a token gesture & admission of guilt and various reporters (scapegoated) were either arrested &/or jailed for their part in the fiasco.

Then, surprise surprise, Murdoch some months later launched the News of the Worlds daily sister newspaper on a Sunday!.What do you know?!
So. Today was the elderly eels turn to give evidence at the aforementioned enquiry. He ( from what I heard on the radio) made a spirited attempt to both bluff & name drop his way through the questions put to him by the barristers.
He summed himself & his gutter press empire up when he said at one point that....."you (the British & the world) can sum (my) thinking by what's inside the Sun...."(newspaper).

Yes Mr Murdoch we can indeed! When we 'read' the Sun we discover that its full of gibberish, topless girl models, words of no greater than 2 syllables, gossip about which celeb is sleeping with  Ryan Giggs et al, cheap money off tokens for holidays in second rate tourist resorts,pages sports news etc etc. All this when the Middle East is in a state of turmoil, the Euro Zone nations are frantically attempting to solve the crisis that threatens to destabilise the European economy- I won't bore you with all the other current newsworthy items-just either log onto the BBC News site or read a quality newspaper NOT owned by Rupert Murdoch.

I've saved the best til last: It appears as though the current Culture Secretary-Jeremy Hunt- in Cameron's Government had his hand in the shit bucket that is the Murdoch empire. He apparently backed the Murdoch empires bid to take over the broadcaster BSkyB-in so doing gave his Governments approval to the bid. 
what the hell is going on? Evidently, it appears as though ALL politicians are corrupt & can't be trusted. Gordon (bumbling) Brown (God help us), was also (it appears) involved to some extent or other.
Now Mr Hunt should do the honourable thing, follow the example of his 'special advisor' Adam Smith & resign.

What a mess.

Monday, 23 April 2012


Those of you out there who take the trouble to read my ravings & rantings will have noticed that for some time I haven't posted anything.
Its true. But I have mitigating circumstances: I am ill.... Well, its a dose of 'flu, & I feel like shite. Think I caught it on the plane flying back from Belfast the other week following the funeral of Kate's mom who sadly passed away. Paracetamol and the odd glass of Jameson's Irish whiskey help keep my spirits up & the symptoms under control, but I don't feel too much like posting at the mo', so I'll keep things to a minimum for now.
I'll be back ASAP!.