Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Bradford West By -Election & George Galloway MP.


George Galloway is the Respect Party MP for Bradford West. He has also been the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow and before that Glasgow Kelvin and Glasgow Hillhead. George is the Nominating Officer for the Respect Party and founder of the Viva Palestina convoys.

For some historical reason or another Political elections in the UK are (for as long as I can remember ) held on a Thursday. Heaven alone knows why, & hopefully someone out there who takes the time to read my rantings will tell me why.
Anyway. Last Thursday there was a 'By-Election' in Bradford West seat. The seat of Bradford West is in Yorkshire. The seat was viewed as a 'safe' Labour seat prior to the election however.....
The Labour Party lost the seat...& how!!! Wow! They lost it to the 'Respect Party'. The 'Respect Party was formed in 1994, it is a left wing party that states that it opposes war, privatisation and unemployment. It is opposes the Fascist right wing English Defence League & stands on a platform of democracy, peace & justice.
 One the main figures in the party is the ex Labour member of Parliament George Galloway. He is a larger than life fella with firm Socialist beliefs. A Scot, he calls a 'spade a spade' and I have to admit, I like the guy.

He stood as 'Respect' candidate in Bradford West & won! he beat the Labour candidate by 10,000 votes! Th Tories came third with the (now totally discredited) Liberal-Democrats actually losing their deposit!
He has gone on record as saying that the election heralded  "A Bradford Spring". Now,I don't know about that, but I warmly welcome the return of George Galloway to the House of Commons.

Friday, 30 March 2012

A supplement to my post in the petrol shortage in the UK

It had to happen. Due in part to the ill thought out advice given out by Francis (I'm a middle class ejjitt) Maud & the other ejjitts in the Tory Party.
"Store petrol in Jerry cans...." he told the British public, "store them in your garage or shed/outhouse" he said.
So a dutiful lady in York (North Yorkshire) did just that. Only..... she was decanting petrol from a jerry can via a kitchen jug into another container for her daughter's car...when the vapour ignited and she suffered 60% burns to her body.
And you know.... it looks now that there'll be no petrol shortage until after the Easter holidays. Even then its not certain that there'll actually be a strike.

The worlds gone mad.

And sadly my 97 year old mother in law is dying in the Mater Hospital in Belfast. May her end by peaceful, painless & may God welcome her into eternal life with a smile & a hug.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The petrol shortage in the UK

The guys who deliver the petrol to the garages here in the UK have voted to go on strike. They haven't said when they'll go on strike, but the general mood is that it'll be over the Easter period.
I have no issue with the lads striking. They're striking over the conditions in which they work and not for more pay, and even if they were.....well more power to them. power to the people!!

Anyhow. How about this for twatish advice from the British Government: Francis Maud-the Chairman of the Conservative Party no less came out yesterday & advised the public to store petrol (gas) in 20 litre Jerry cans in their sheds, garages &/or outhouses. Brilliant. Point 1: Its apparently illegal to store more than 5 litres of petrol, & a Jerry can holds....20 litres.Secondly, the local thugs & pyromaniacs would have a field day with cans of petrol lying about. Imagine it. However the Fire brigade Union came out & told him to withdraw the advice. Of course, he denied he said it. That advice coming from the leaders of the country. Scary stuff....
Then Cameron comes out today & says that the public motorists should top up their petrol tanks when they need to, or at least when their tanks are half full.
The effect of these two pieces of advice were to cause mass hysteria on garage forecourts. People panic brought petrol, some garages sold out of petrol, arguments ensued between motorists who were topping up & general mayhem was the order of the day.
Cameron et al haven't got a damn clue. hey are so out of touch with the people of this country its beyond belief.

However in their defence ......When that middle class prat Francis Maud spoke of sheds & outhouses I reckon that he believed that EVERYONE in the country has sheds, garages & outhouses like he & the other members of the Government have.....the size of the average British house at least 1 acre away from their main dwellingg place.
 God knows Mr Maud you are so out of touch.

I won't be panic buying. I'll use me bike or else use the bus.

Earl Scruggs: 6th January 1924 to 28th March 2012

Today I heard of the death of Earl Scruggs aged 88years.
For me, Earl Scruggs changed the face of American country music, with his distinctive style of banjo playing of using three fingers to pick the strings he coaxed the instrument to produce syncopated melodies.

Along with Lester Flatt and the Foggy Mountain Boys, their music is Bluegrass.

Rest in Peace Earl.

Friday, 23 March 2012

The latest Cameron tax

Today saw the Cameron coalition Government unveil their latest tax upon the poor bedraggled citizens of this island kingdom.
I refer to Cameron and his Cruella De Ville look alike Home Secretary Theresa May announce that they will level at least a 40pence per unit of alcohol charge on alcoholic drinks. This in practice will mean for example that a bottle of red wine costing £2.99p will cost now £3.76p.

Cameron & Cruella May believe and claim that this levy will reduce binge drinking, reduce alcohol related crime and at the same time reduce alcohol related illness and death.
Now, whilst I agree in  part with what's proposed I question the motive's behind the action.
Due to cuts in public services imposed by Cameron & his catamite sidekick Clegg,police forces across the UK have made police officers redundant-my own city, Birmingham has recently announced that it is seriously considering hiring private police offices to patrol our streets!! (how this is saving money Christ alone knows!!!).Anyhow, so....if alcohol related crime is reduced then....because of the reduced police numbers things will balance out...right?? Hmm...
Also, Cameron et al have cut the numbers of, & have mad nurses redundant across the UK. Therefore there are fewer nurses to care for the sick & the elderly. But...with fewer cases of alcohol related illness then we'll have more nurses freed up to nurse the hard pressed NHS...right?? Hmm...
Call my a cynic but.... I don't trust that bastard Cameron, in fact, I don't trust any politician, especially a Conservative & Liberal  who has sold his soul.

Furthermore; Once again the vast majority of sensible people who enjoy a drink after a hard weeks work, who don't get pissed & get arrested in the city centre on a Saturday night, who don't binge drink have to suffer for the mindless psychopathic minority. God knows, I come across enough people in my line of work who drink themselves into a stupor sometimes for the hell of it & expect the mental health services to detox them. Others though are ill. They use alcohol as a self medicating tool to hide a deeper pain & illness.
There has got to be a better, more effective way of reducing binge drinking without hitting the majority.

Once again I believe its a further example of Cameron's crowd of yahoo's fucking up our country.
What's the next tax he'll levy on us??? A tax on books, CD's, this space.....

Cameron &  Cruella De Ville aka-Theresa May
The villains of the piece!.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The tragedy in Toulouse

The murder yesterday of 4 souls in Toulouse (France) was awful. God help the twisted soul of the person who perpetuated the crime. Worse still is that the killer may have actually filmed the killings as they were commuted.
Life, these days seems to be cheap, people and governments & inddividuals appear to place little value on an individuals life, & seem prepared to take life as a matter of course. Whether that life be in Afghanistan, small town America, Norway or most recently, Toulouse. The \Government of Israel appear also to be contemplating an attack upon the people & nation of Iran. And the killers (would be or otherwise) can put up legitimate reasons why the killings took or should be authorised.

The small value on life is I believe, influence by many factors. Parents, peers, religious leaders and heads of state to name but a few.
I am particularly disturbed by comment made recently by the French Interior Minister M.Claude Gueant, who said recently that ".....there are some civilisations who are of little value..." I wonder what & who he was referring too? Whoever it was/is it is very disturbing.. This from the man who is currently heading the investigation into the killings in Toulouse!! Worrying!! Who will he scapegoat I wonder?

I love France. I admire the passion of the French, the no nonsense & pragmatic approach to life that they have.  I applaud the heart of the French people who today held a minutes silence in all schools across France in memory of those killed yesterday.
However, I have no time for President Nicolas Sarkozy. France will be an even better place when it returns a Socialist to the Presidential Office.

Meanwhile.Let us value ALL life, in every form it exist in.Lets pray for those who lost their lives to tragedy murder, & pray that one day men might respect each others differences. Lets give thanks for life, even down to thanking the herbs that grow in your garden when you pluck some of them for your meal. They are life too you know. ( My neighbour smiles at me for doing this-but then I've seen him dressing up as a garden gnome in his back garden!  he is a street entertainer so I suppose that mitigates his behaviour I suppose!!) But... there you go....

Live and Let Live people.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The demise of the National Health Service.....

Today in the UK we are sadly witnessing the demise and death of a national giant. An institution that was the envy of the world & an icon of everything that stands for democracy. The National Health Service  is dying. It is being sod off by Cameron and his pack of profit hungry wolves. Of course the sale was initiated by the bourgeois Socialist Tony Blair with the bollocks that was PFI, Gordon ("I ain't gotta clue")Brown continued the process & now here we are with Cameron getting ready to lay the corpse of the NHS.

We have what is euphemistically called 'The Business Model' I'm not entirely sure what it means in detail, BUT in practice its all about payment upon results. We,as nurses, have to complete a Health & Social Report on each patient we see. Within the next two weeks these reports will become more detailed, & intrusive. Why?? Its because in doing so the Health Care Trust will receive a payment upon a result. So: the Trust will receive a larger financial payout from the patients family doctor if that person has a severe mental health problem than it will if the patient has, say, anxiety. The more patients we see and treat the more money the Trust receives. Inhuman, corrupt . and wicked.

The irony of this is that the Trust still expects each patient to be treated as an individual, given time regardless of cost ( yes...), whilst at the same time they DO NOT treat their workers who provide this care in any way similar.
Its all about money. Each patient has a price tag attached to them. This is morally reprehensible.What is proposed is a foul system that is an affront to the everything that the National Health Service once stood for.
And we, the sloth like British electorate, are lying back meekly & allowing this to happen.
Meanwhile, Cameron is jetting around the airspace ogf the United Sates in Airforce 1 with Mr. Obama dining upon the fat of the land.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

An Afghanistan/UK unemployed rant

In my previous post I spoke about the continued awful loss of life that is 2012 Afghanistan. The killing field that is that blood soaked country was once again thrust on to the world stage with the tragic killing of 16 civilians in Afghanistan by US Army sergeant. It is my belief that the poor fellow (whom I believe is the father of 2 children  himself) must have been under great emotional stress for him to act as he did. This isn't to detract from the fact that his actions were wicked, callous and bring the professional reputation of the United States military into disrepute.

baring the recent events in Afghanistan in mind, I heard today that of a friends 21year old son who, having trained as a bricklayer, has been unable to find work (in the UK) for almost 2 years. He has been successful this week in gaining access to a  (training)course which will hopefully equip him further in his attempts to gain a job.
The course apparently was very heavily subscribed with members of both sexes raging in age from 18years to a  man of 59 years. The course members were apparently told that having completed the course a number of them would be taken on (interviewed) for full time work. However the course (as I previously stated) was very heavily over subscribed and the job vacancies post course limited.

The course organises then told the course members that they would be subjected to 'spot checks' for drugs  & alcohol. Guess what?? The day after this announcement the course membership apparently dropped by 25%!!
 So the people who dropped out left & went back to claiming benefits whilst continuing to engage in the slop-sucker  activities of drug & alcohol abuse.

Its noxious wastrels such as these who spit on the likes of the 6 British Soldiers who died last week in Afghanistan, on the troubled mind of Sgt ? & on the dead of Afghans in the tragedy.A young British soldier of 19years died whilst yobs in my city squander their time, money & lives.Shameful.

I am not, as you know,a supporter in any shape or form of the war in Afghanistan, but the story told  my friend made my blood boil given the losses of life in Afghanistan.

War can never be justified, this war will be looked back on as yet another waste of life, money & resources. Resources, energy & money that could have been better spent eradicating the world from malaria, hunger & bringing education to all continents

Democracy can never be forced upon  peoples. To attempt to do so by armed military force is contradictory to the premise of democracy. 

Saturday, 10 March 2012


This week saw the death of 6 more British soldiers in Afghanistan. The total number of British dead in this pointless conflict now stands at 404. I have no idea of how many young man & women have returned home without limbs &/or who's mental state is in tatters. We never hear of these figures, I guess its because if Joe Public did then there would be outcry. But daily I heard the hum of the Chinook helicopter as it wends it way to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital baring  the scared bodies & minds of the young who have sacrificed upon the altar of Helmand Province.

I have no idea also of the number of American personnel who have suffered death or have been maimed in that country that has become synonymous with fear, death & unhappiness. How many families here in the UK, & in the United States who have sons & daughters in the military must dread the knock at the door in the night, or the sight of a military officer walking to their door?

There are however the 'hidden dead'. The thousands of Afghan civilians who have been killed or maimed in the course of this pointless war. We never hear of these. We never hear of the children made orphans by the slaughter that has become Afghanistan. Those who's lives & minds have been ripped apart -& for what gain??!

I have spoken  before with passion on my feelings about this war. But I wish to reiterate that we, the West should end this war. The war is illegal. It has NEVER been sanctioned by the United Nations. We have invaded a sovereign nation & proceeded to reek mayhem & slaughter upon its people. How can this be legal or morally right?? We the West have no moral nor legal justification to be in Afghanistan acting as we do.
Our actions in Afghanistan are as illegal as was Iraq's invasion of  Kuwait in 1990.

I wonder if those politicians who authorise this war will, when we eventually do pull out, apologise to those families & to the people of Afghanistan for the loss of life? because as sure as eggs is eggs, the Taliban will return to take control of Afghanistan  when we leave. Damn it, President Obama, has told the Taliban when the 'Allies' plan to leave! So all they have to do is sit about cleaning their AK47's, planting the odd IED & growing Heroin poppies.

Letrs end this slaughter now.