Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The tragedy in Toulouse

The murder yesterday of 4 souls in Toulouse (France) was awful. God help the twisted soul of the person who perpetuated the crime. Worse still is that the killer may have actually filmed the killings as they were commuted.
Life, these days seems to be cheap, people and governments & inddividuals appear to place little value on an individuals life, & seem prepared to take life as a matter of course. Whether that life be in Afghanistan, small town America, Norway or most recently, Toulouse. The \Government of Israel appear also to be contemplating an attack upon the people & nation of Iran. And the killers (would be or otherwise) can put up legitimate reasons why the killings took or should be authorised.

The small value on life is I believe, influence by many factors. Parents, peers, religious leaders and heads of state to name but a few.
I am particularly disturbed by comment made recently by the French Interior Minister M.Claude Gueant, who said recently that ".....there are some civilisations who are of little value..." I wonder what & who he was referring too? Whoever it was/is it is very disturbing.. This from the man who is currently heading the investigation into the killings in Toulouse!! Worrying!! Who will he scapegoat I wonder?

I love France. I admire the passion of the French, the no nonsense & pragmatic approach to life that they have.  I applaud the heart of the French people who today held a minutes silence in all schools across France in memory of those killed yesterday.
However, I have no time for President Nicolas Sarkozy. France will be an even better place when it returns a Socialist to the Presidential Office.

Meanwhile.Let us value ALL life, in every form it exist in.Lets pray for those who lost their lives to tragedy murder, & pray that one day men might respect each others differences. Lets give thanks for life, even down to thanking the herbs that grow in your garden when you pluck some of them for your meal. They are life too you know. ( My neighbour smiles at me for doing this-but then I've seen him dressing up as a garden gnome in his back garden!  he is a street entertainer so I suppose that mitigates his behaviour I suppose!!) But... there you go....

Live and Let Live people.

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