Tuesday, 13 March 2012

An Afghanistan/UK unemployed rant

In my previous post I spoke about the continued awful loss of life that is 2012 Afghanistan. The killing field that is that blood soaked country was once again thrust on to the world stage with the tragic killing of 16 civilians in Afghanistan by US Army sergeant. It is my belief that the poor fellow (whom I believe is the father of 2 children  himself) must have been under great emotional stress for him to act as he did. This isn't to detract from the fact that his actions were wicked, callous and bring the professional reputation of the United States military into disrepute.

baring the recent events in Afghanistan in mind, I heard today that of a friends 21year old son who, having trained as a bricklayer, has been unable to find work (in the UK) for almost 2 years. He has been successful this week in gaining access to a  (training)course which will hopefully equip him further in his attempts to gain a job.
The course apparently was very heavily subscribed with members of both sexes raging in age from 18years to a  man of 59 years. The course members were apparently told that having completed the course a number of them would be taken on (interviewed) for full time work. However the course (as I previously stated) was very heavily over subscribed and the job vacancies post course limited.

The course organises then told the course members that they would be subjected to 'spot checks' for drugs  & alcohol. Guess what?? The day after this announcement the course membership apparently dropped by 25%!!
 So the people who dropped out left & went back to claiming benefits whilst continuing to engage in the slop-sucker  activities of drug & alcohol abuse.

Its noxious wastrels such as these who spit on the likes of the 6 British Soldiers who died last week in Afghanistan, on the troubled mind of Sgt ? & on the dead of Afghans in the tragedy.A young British soldier of 19years died whilst yobs in my city squander their time, money & lives.Shameful.

I am not, as you know,a supporter in any shape or form of the war in Afghanistan, but the story told  my friend made my blood boil given the losses of life in Afghanistan.

War can never be justified, this war will be looked back on as yet another waste of life, money & resources. Resources, energy & money that could have been better spent eradicating the world from malaria, hunger & bringing education to all continents

Democracy can never be forced upon  peoples. To attempt to do so by armed military force is contradictory to the premise of democracy. 

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