Friday, 23 March 2012

The latest Cameron tax

Today saw the Cameron coalition Government unveil their latest tax upon the poor bedraggled citizens of this island kingdom.
I refer to Cameron and his Cruella De Ville look alike Home Secretary Theresa May announce that they will level at least a 40pence per unit of alcohol charge on alcoholic drinks. This in practice will mean for example that a bottle of red wine costing £2.99p will cost now £3.76p.

Cameron & Cruella May believe and claim that this levy will reduce binge drinking, reduce alcohol related crime and at the same time reduce alcohol related illness and death.
Now, whilst I agree in  part with what's proposed I question the motive's behind the action.
Due to cuts in public services imposed by Cameron & his catamite sidekick Clegg,police forces across the UK have made police officers redundant-my own city, Birmingham has recently announced that it is seriously considering hiring private police offices to patrol our streets!! (how this is saving money Christ alone knows!!!).Anyhow, so....if alcohol related crime is reduced then....because of the reduced police numbers things will balance out...right?? Hmm...
Also, Cameron et al have cut the numbers of, & have mad nurses redundant across the UK. Therefore there are fewer nurses to care for the sick & the elderly. But...with fewer cases of alcohol related illness then we'll have more nurses freed up to nurse the hard pressed NHS...right?? Hmm...
Call my a cynic but.... I don't trust that bastard Cameron, in fact, I don't trust any politician, especially a Conservative & Liberal  who has sold his soul.

Furthermore; Once again the vast majority of sensible people who enjoy a drink after a hard weeks work, who don't get pissed & get arrested in the city centre on a Saturday night, who don't binge drink have to suffer for the mindless psychopathic minority. God knows, I come across enough people in my line of work who drink themselves into a stupor sometimes for the hell of it & expect the mental health services to detox them. Others though are ill. They use alcohol as a self medicating tool to hide a deeper pain & illness.
There has got to be a better, more effective way of reducing binge drinking without hitting the majority.

Once again I believe its a further example of Cameron's crowd of yahoo's fucking up our country.
What's the next tax he'll levy on us??? A tax on books, CD's, this space.....

Cameron &  Cruella De Ville aka-Theresa May
The villains of the piece!.


  1. A case of poetic justice after Labor`s man of the decade stopped all dates beyond 1am.

    1. Hmmm. Tony Blair wasn't true Labour-he was 'New Labour' aka Conservative labour, he began the privatisation of the countries public services, introduced the 'Private Finance Initiative into the NHS & the die was cast.
      Then,when he retired, he handed the leadership to Gordon Brown who led the party & the country unelected. The rest is, as they say, history.
      Take care my friend.