Thursday, 15 March 2012

The demise of the National Health Service.....

Today in the UK we are sadly witnessing the demise and death of a national giant. An institution that was the envy of the world & an icon of everything that stands for democracy. The National Health Service  is dying. It is being sod off by Cameron and his pack of profit hungry wolves. Of course the sale was initiated by the bourgeois Socialist Tony Blair with the bollocks that was PFI, Gordon ("I ain't gotta clue")Brown continued the process & now here we are with Cameron getting ready to lay the corpse of the NHS.

We have what is euphemistically called 'The Business Model' I'm not entirely sure what it means in detail, BUT in practice its all about payment upon results. We,as nurses, have to complete a Health & Social Report on each patient we see. Within the next two weeks these reports will become more detailed, & intrusive. Why?? Its because in doing so the Health Care Trust will receive a payment upon a result. So: the Trust will receive a larger financial payout from the patients family doctor if that person has a severe mental health problem than it will if the patient has, say, anxiety. The more patients we see and treat the more money the Trust receives. Inhuman, corrupt . and wicked.

The irony of this is that the Trust still expects each patient to be treated as an individual, given time regardless of cost ( yes...), whilst at the same time they DO NOT treat their workers who provide this care in any way similar.
Its all about money. Each patient has a price tag attached to them. This is morally reprehensible.What is proposed is a foul system that is an affront to the everything that the National Health Service once stood for.
And we, the sloth like British electorate, are lying back meekly & allowing this to happen.
Meanwhile, Cameron is jetting around the airspace ogf the United Sates in Airforce 1 with Mr. Obama dining upon the fat of the land.

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