Thursday, 31 March 2011

Twelve Months

Today is my 1st anniversary of me leaving full time employment. I know its a cliche, but the year has flown by. It really has & left in its wake some memorable events.

My daughter married, my wife achieved a MA & is in the throws of offering private therapy, I've returned to work on a part time basis, thanks to 2 new friends in Vernon, Normandy I've grown to love France & all things French even more & lots of other things that I won't bore you with!

Last Saturday I went on the TUC march in London-fortunately I didn't witness those psychopaths who reeked debacle on the streets of the capital. Their actions achieved nothing except alienating those of us who want fairness, equity & an end to the destruction of British society that Messrs Cameron & (Judas) Clegg are reeking & they reinforce the belief held by those who regard anyone who disagree with the establishment as anarchists.

But back to the anniversary. I began a 'new' job. I'm on the 'nurse bank'-ie I work temporary in a department of my choosing. I'm working in a Community Mental Health Team-2 & 1/2 days a week, 1/2 day as a community psychiatric nurse with 3 patients on my caseload & the remaining 2 days manning the 'duty' or crisis telephone. This suits me fine. I'm being paid as a 'band 6' nurse & I know the team. BUT: the irony is that I'm based in the office I left 1 year ago! This feels strange, very strange. I never dreamed that I'd return to that office. I didn't like it then. It was thrown together, a disorganised hooch potch put together by a manager who's remit, it has now become apparent, was to hasten the dismantling of the 'Gateway' service. However, now the environment is warmer,& the manager knows what he's about-even though he supports West Bromwich Albion & is crazy about heavy metal music!

Happy anniversary Woollie!!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Libya & the 'no fly zone'

I have to say that I agree in principal with the response of the UN to the crisis in Libya. The establishment of a 'no fly zone' with all that that involves will not only give the population some protection from the despotic Gaddafi, but will also hopefully give him & other despots the message that the world will no longer put with genocide.

Who am I kidding??!! I believe that the motives of the 'West' are purely selfish & motivated by the Wests insatiable thirst for oil.. The West in truth don't give a flying fuck for the Libyan populace in their struggle for democracy-the West wants to ensure that who ever 'wins' in the conflagration will still provide them with oil. Plain & simple.

Now, apart from being a fully paid up member of the cynics club, how do I arrive at this conclusion?
Simple dear reader-What did the West do when Robert Mugabe was reeking havoc in Zimbabwe? When the population were literally dying in the streets from famine brought about by his crazed economic policies, when his henchmen were murdering anyone who dared to voice opposition to his regime?
Nothing. The West did sweet sod all. And why??? Because Zimbabwe has not got any oil.
What did the West do in Ruanda? That country was torn apart by genocide but the West did nothing. Why? Because there was no oil.

And what is the West doing about the despotic regime in Saudi Arabia? Nothing. Because they supply the West got it....Oil.
By the way...ask yourself why did we really go into Iraq???
I won't bore you any further.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

UK Government Policies re retirement & pensions

Its almost been 1 year since I retired from full time employment & the last few days I've been reflecting upon these last 12 months. I'll try to put the thoughts in some sort of order (that, in itself is a laf-as order & Paul Woolley are not words that don't often go together!) & I'll attempt to submit then on this blog in a day or so. Anyway, to the point. I've been thinking about with UK Government's current policy as regard retirement & pensions for those retired. It seems as though Cameron (the prat) has, or plans to increase the retirement age to up to 70 years for men. At the same time I note that the number of unemployed has, for the 3rd successive month increased. Now I ain't the brightest pebble on the beach, but look at it this way: If you increase the retirement age then those already in work won't be leaving, so..... there won't be jobs for those leaving school, college etc etc. Now does that add up or what?? The young jobless will (as they are doing now) go into further education-ok. But then Cameron puts up tuition fees to £9k pa for students. What a wanker that man is! He dismantles the NHS, the armed forces-scraping jet fighter Squadrons of the RAF-he then wants a 'No Fly Zone' in Libya (yeah...) I won't bore you with the rest. What a mess.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Further proof....

As if any of us needed further proof that bankers, ( who got us into the present financial pit) don't give a damn about their customers or the nation as a whole comes today when Bob Diamond the chairman (in greed) of Barclay's Bank awarded himself another bonus.

This time he awarded himself £6.5 million ($10.5898 million ). At the same time loans for mortgages & to would be businesses have been refused.

And what does Cameron have to say about this??? Nothing. And why should he? No doubt Mr. 'Greed' Diamond is a member of the Conservative party. This despite Clegg saying that if elected he'd cap the bankers bonus's. Crap. Another broken promise.

In fairness to Mr Greed other CE's of banks have all have enormous bonus's awarded:

Bob Diamond, Barclays (chief exec since Jan 2011): £6.5m
John Varley, Barclays (chief exec until Dec 2010): £2.2m
Stuart Gulliver, HSBC: £5.2m
Stephen Hester, RBS: £2m
Eric Daniels, Lloyds: £1.45m

All this is going on whilst front line nursing staff are being made redundant, petrol is in excess of £7 a gallon-$11.4044, state benefits for the disabled are being slashed & the West Midlands has the highest rate of under 18 (yrs of age) unemployment.

Say no more.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The people of Barnsley shout it loud!!!

Proportion of the vote in the Barnsley by-election
I see that this week the good electorate of Barnsley shouted out with a loud voice what they thought of Judas Clegg & his bastard Conservative coalition.
In the local by election of Thursday last Judas Cleggs Liberal-'Democrats' finished 6th-even way behind the Fascist British National (Nazi) Party. Well, what did the prat expect? Does he believe that the British public are totally stupid? Yeah, I know he fooled alot of the electorate in the last general election but the worm is turning. He betrayed the country on so many levels not least by his reneging on pre election promises- bad move. Equally bad move - joining with the loathsome Cameron & his gang of thugs in the coalition.

I was never so happy when I heard the Barnsley result:

Proportion of the vote in the Barnsley by-election

Dan Jarvis (Lab) 14,724
Jane Collins (UKIP) 2,953
James Hockney (Con) 1,999
Enis Dalton (BNP) 1,463
Tony Devoy (Ind) 1,266
Dominic Carman (Lib) 1,012

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

This is taking the piss......

This post/rant fully illustrates the point(s) that I mad in my previous post. If you'd care to 'google' the name of the above gentleman-Ashley Cole-you'll get the full story.
But if you don't feel so inclined.....The above fellow plays 1st team football (soccer) for Chelsea Football Club. He earns (wait for it....) in excess of £160,000 per week.
The other day he took an air rifle into the clubs training ground & shot a young 'work experience' lad. He didn't kill the lad fortunately but nevertheless...
Anyway Mr. Cole was not charged by the police he was fined two weeks wages by the club. And the lad who was shot?? Nothing. Not even an apology, not a free ticket to the next game, nothing.
Mr.Cole can well afford £132,000-the money stays in the clubs coffers anyway. Far better if they'd donate the money to a charity or give it as a good will gesture to the victims family.
There appears to be one law for the celebrities of this world & another for us, the plebs.