Monday, 7 March 2011

Further proof....

As if any of us needed further proof that bankers, ( who got us into the present financial pit) don't give a damn about their customers or the nation as a whole comes today when Bob Diamond the chairman (in greed) of Barclay's Bank awarded himself another bonus.

This time he awarded himself £6.5 million ($10.5898 million ). At the same time loans for mortgages & to would be businesses have been refused.

And what does Cameron have to say about this??? Nothing. And why should he? No doubt Mr. 'Greed' Diamond is a member of the Conservative party. This despite Clegg saying that if elected he'd cap the bankers bonus's. Crap. Another broken promise.

In fairness to Mr Greed other CE's of banks have all have enormous bonus's awarded:

Bob Diamond, Barclays (chief exec since Jan 2011): £6.5m
John Varley, Barclays (chief exec until Dec 2010): £2.2m
Stuart Gulliver, HSBC: £5.2m
Stephen Hester, RBS: £2m
Eric Daniels, Lloyds: £1.45m

All this is going on whilst front line nursing staff are being made redundant, petrol is in excess of £7 a gallon-$11.4044, state benefits for the disabled are being slashed & the West Midlands has the highest rate of under 18 (yrs of age) unemployment.

Say no more.

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    This is the only right and proper way to deal with bankers.