Tuesday, 1 March 2011

This is taking the piss......

This post/rant fully illustrates the point(s) that I mad in my previous post. If you'd care to 'google' the name of the above gentleman-Ashley Cole-you'll get the full story.
But if you don't feel so inclined.....The above fellow plays 1st team football (soccer) for Chelsea Football Club. He earns (wait for it....) in excess of £160,000 per week.
The other day he took an air rifle into the clubs training ground & shot a young 'work experience' lad. He didn't kill the lad fortunately but nevertheless...
Anyway Mr. Cole was not charged by the police he was fined two weeks wages by the club. And the lad who was shot?? Nothing. Not even an apology, not a free ticket to the next game, nothing.
Mr.Cole can well afford £132,000-the money stays in the clubs coffers anyway. Far better if they'd donate the money to a charity or give it as a good will gesture to the victims family.
There appears to be one law for the celebrities of this world & another for us, the plebs.

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