Sunday, 20 March 2011

Libya & the 'no fly zone'

I have to say that I agree in principal with the response of the UN to the crisis in Libya. The establishment of a 'no fly zone' with all that that involves will not only give the population some protection from the despotic Gaddafi, but will also hopefully give him & other despots the message that the world will no longer put with genocide.

Who am I kidding??!! I believe that the motives of the 'West' are purely selfish & motivated by the Wests insatiable thirst for oil.. The West in truth don't give a flying fuck for the Libyan populace in their struggle for democracy-the West wants to ensure that who ever 'wins' in the conflagration will still provide them with oil. Plain & simple.

Now, apart from being a fully paid up member of the cynics club, how do I arrive at this conclusion?
Simple dear reader-What did the West do when Robert Mugabe was reeking havoc in Zimbabwe? When the population were literally dying in the streets from famine brought about by his crazed economic policies, when his henchmen were murdering anyone who dared to voice opposition to his regime?
Nothing. The West did sweet sod all. And why??? Because Zimbabwe has not got any oil.
What did the West do in Ruanda? That country was torn apart by genocide but the West did nothing. Why? Because there was no oil.

And what is the West doing about the despotic regime in Saudi Arabia? Nothing. Because they supply the West got it....Oil.
By the way...ask yourself why did we really go into Iraq???
I won't bore you any further.

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