Thursday, 19 June 2014


I like my music, & I must emphasis MY music-for reasons which will become plain later, I like blues, a bit of rock & classical. I like to listen to CD's, records & the radio. In fact I leave the radio on each time I go out as I don't like the feeling of returning to an empty house when Kate et are at work etc

But lately I've found that it appears as though everywhere there is music playing. Its overkill. You have to hold on a telephone line to be connected & you hear some God awful jingle that drives me to the brink of insanity.
You pas a car on the High Street, its windows wide open and the driver has his music blaring out at unrecognisable decibels. Why these drivers believe that you may wish to hear there often mindless boom-boom din is beyond me. You go into any supermarket & they have what appears to be their own radio station playing often accompanied by some subliminal advertisement to buy a product that the store is currently selling Grrr...!!
You get in a life/elevator &... they have music playing. You sit on the bus and ten to one the guy next to you has a headset on & can hear his bloody music. I don't wanna hear it!!
 I could go on & on...
Where does this belief that everyone wishes to hear music publicly come from? I've noticed it creeping into our daily life more & more each year.
What's wrong with a bit of quiet when were out?
For God's sake don't kill music by overplaying it.