Friday, 22 February 2013

Is their no end....? the hypocrisy of the leader of the Liberal Democrats  Nick Clegg.
This was the politician who in his blurb & promises before the last general election said amongst other things that ..."public schools are a caustic sore on the British educational system".
The other day he announced that he is seriously considering sending his son to the same school that he was sent to....Westminster School. which is a public school.
So once again Clegg reneges on a belief. First he breaks his word on university tuition fees & now he changes his stance on public schools.
How can you trust this man? Any man who agrees to join Cameron as 'co-leader' in governing the Uk an't worth a second glance in my world.
One things for certian though....Clegg has put the Liberal party back decades.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Why the Brits don't holiday in Britain??

I 'll tell you why:
Me & Kate have a couple of days off in early March. We haven't been away since October last year & Kate has been slaving away continuously since then at work (in the NHS) . So we enquired about renting a small self catering bedsit in Whitby (North Yorkshire) during early March.
Now early March in the UK is usually cold, damp & as Whitby is by the sea, its bound to be windy. We sent an email to a couple of renters asking for a quote for 2 days. The cost came back by return email....£160 for 2 days!!! £160! That's why the Brits don't holiday in Britain. Rip off Britain. They can piss off. No way will I fork out that amount of hard earned money for 2 days away In March.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The NHS:"..put patients first"

I won't recount fully here the story that prompts this post. But the jist is that a hospital in Staffordshire was the subject of a public enquiry following a catalogue of ill treatment, neglect and unacceptable practices in its care of sick patients. The report apparently ran to 4000 words and the the chairman of the report said in his summing up that the "National Health Service should put patients first".
Fine words, & I have posted about this in previous posts but from where I'm sitting alot has to be done if that maxim is to be implemented.
Today the patient is the computer, its targets, imposed by central government, its paperwork, its cost cutting & 'income generation' for the trust.
I made these comments to the I.T dept in my work last week when I spent approx 45 minutes in entering details on to computer. Time that could have been spent by me spending that time with a patient whom required a nurse actually spending time talking to them. But no, computer work comes first. We are sent emails when the information  is not put on the 'system' within 48 or so hours..
Its all about money. The hospital trust gets money from the referring family doctor & central government for & each every time a patient is see & its proven by the data being  entered.

What a Prat.....!

The footballer & that watch

 I read today in our local newspaper that a football player who plays for 1 of the local national league soccer teams was mugged outside his home today. Whilst this act is beyond justification & the perpetrators should be flogged, the item stolen  for me sums up so much of what is wrong with the 'beautiful game.

The player was held up by 2 men as he parked his car outside his (no doubt expensive flash home) in the up market suburb of Solihull-just outside Birmingham.
What was robbed from the luckless player?? A watch. Not just any watch but a £30K diamond encrusted watch.
Now tell me this....what kind of flash arrogant ejjit wears a watch worth £30k when they leave the house. I believe that not even the Queen of England does! But this prat does. I'm sorry but I have little sympathy for him.
Furthermore, the fact that a footballer owns & wears in everyday use a time piece worth £30k is why I don't go & watch soccer. These overpaid, morons are paid in excess of £100k per week whist other members of our society who perform far more socially beneficial jobs are paid a fraction of this wage. Take a nurse who works on an intensive care ward in a local hospital-she'll be lucky to take home £1.200 per month.
I refuse to pay £50 per match to watch morons like the (sad) fellow who was robbed kick a ball around for 90 minutes.
Get a life!