Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What a Prat.....!

The footballer & that watch

 I read today in our local newspaper that a football player who plays for 1 of the local national league soccer teams was mugged outside his home today. Whilst this act is beyond justification & the perpetrators should be flogged, the item stolen  for me sums up so much of what is wrong with the 'beautiful game.

The player was held up by 2 men as he parked his car outside his (no doubt expensive flash home) in the up market suburb of Solihull-just outside Birmingham.
What was robbed from the luckless player?? A watch. Not just any watch but a £30K diamond encrusted watch.
Now tell me this....what kind of flash arrogant ejjit wears a watch worth £30k when they leave the house. I believe that not even the Queen of England does! But this prat does. I'm sorry but I have little sympathy for him.
Furthermore, the fact that a footballer owns & wears in everyday use a time piece worth £30k is why I don't go & watch soccer. These overpaid, morons are paid in excess of £100k per week whist other members of our society who perform far more socially beneficial jobs are paid a fraction of this wage. Take a nurse who works on an intensive care ward in a local hospital-she'll be lucky to take home £1.200 per month.
I refuse to pay £50 per match to watch morons like the (sad) fellow who was robbed kick a ball around for 90 minutes.
Get a life!

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