Saturday, 26 January 2013

As clear as the nose on your face??

George Osborne......"Jus' like that..."

So the latest financial news tells us that the UK has a damn good(?) chance of heading for a 'triple dip recession'. Now I don't know that much about the financial world, & the wheeler dealings of those corrupt band of sharks known as bankers, but I reckon that those words 'triple dip' & 'recession' don't mean that all in the financial garden of the UK is rosy.
Be that the case, doesn't it show that the financial policies of that bumbling ejjits George Osborne  (aka the Chancellor of the Exchequer) are NOT working. Rather, they are sending the financial state of the UK into free fall. The man clearly hasn't got a clue. Sure he's helped the rich Conservative voters/supporters by increasing the tax threshold for them & no doubt delighted the sadistic side of them when he announces that he plans to push the poor percentage of the population to the brink of malnutrition. Evidence of this is the weekly increase in the number of 'food banks' being established across the UK.
 Today then I had confirmation in my belief that Osborne's policies have failed when it was announced that petrol is going to cost more. By how much???? Well, its reckoned that it'll cost the 'average family' an extra £2 per week to fill up their car with petrol.
But the knock on effect of this is the affect that this increase will have upon small businesses . Businesses which Osborne glibly announces that he wishes to "stimulate" . Some stimulation Mr Osborne.
You know, it works out that the UK motorist pays 60% of the total cost of a litre of petrol to the Government in tax. Tax to pay for a pointless war in Afghanistan, to keep a nuclear deterrent (to deter whom/what?) etc. Whilst at the same time local authorities across the country are closing leisure centres and public libraries, nurses, soldiers close to retirement are being forced into redundancy, (thus losing their pension rights)  police personnel  & other public sector staff are being axed and haven't had a pay rise for 3 years (rather a pay cut in real terms) God Almighty, Cameron et al are really messing this country up!
Oh, & then he crawls on his knees towards that right wing political party known as UKIP trying to get their support by announcing that he'll ask the nation for a "Yes or No vote on continued membership of the EU".

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