Thursday, 17 January 2013

The European Union-The UK in or out??

Cameron & his crowd of Liberal Democrat Party camp followers, true to their wont of speaking with forked tongues seem intent on taking the UK to brink of a financial precipice with  their posturing & threats to withdraw the UK from the European Union. Call me suspicious, but I can't help but think that Cameron is trying to court the nationalist right wing UK Independence Party (UKIP) with this intention.
Now I am totally FOR Britain's continued membership of the EU, I will  never be convinced that our membership is in anyway bad for our country, & by Britain being a member of the Union, the other members of the Union benefit also.
But Cameron & an apparent large percentage of the UK remain unconvinced   . Yet this evening I heard on the news that car manufactures in the UK sold a record number of vehicles in 2012. In fact the number sold was 1,000,000.
 Guess what??-Half of those sold were sold to....the European Union!!
So now people, I ask this question: If we withdraw from Europe where will we in the UK sell our manufactured goods to?

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