Friday, 4 January 2013

Professionals led by morons

 If I remember it correctly from my school day history lessons the British army in the war of 1914-1918 were described as 'Lions led by donkeys'. That might have been the case, judging by the mass slaughter motivated by imperialistic greed & paranoia. And looking at the state of our world today mankind has learnt bugger all from that  carnage.
A 2013 parallel in my experience is the National Health Service-I know that I have ranted many times about the debacle that I work in but I feel that today I must give further vent to the shite that I find myself working in & to the service that you the poor long suffering British public have to put up with.
I remember a time when the patient cared for in the NHS was the patient- the person receiving treatment.  Not so now though.
We, henceforth known as 'The care providers' by the donkeys who 'manage' us,  have been made slaves to a new computer system costing £5 million plus that is supposed to enable us to spend more time with the patient, improve 'service delivery' to the 'Service user/client'-(THE PATIENT) and of course save money(!)
In practice the system has spawned a new patient 'service user'......The computer-more specifically Its called 'Rio'.
Allow me to elaborate. The patient 'service user/client' is assessed with a nurse on a 1:1 basis for an hour. The outcome of the assessment is then processed onto the 'system' this takes 1hr 30mins. Duplication in this process is the order of the day. The system was designed (& is regularly being modified & added too) by faceless computer nerds who wouldn't recognise someone with a mental health problem even if they were forced to share a prison cell with them. Yet here we have it, theses cretins have put together a system for patient 'service user/client' care without consulting neither 'care providers' nor 'care users/clients.The result being chaos- more time is spent away from the 'service user/client' than is actually spent with them. And today we -the 'care providers' each received an email from our senior mangers (henceforth known as donkeys) informing us that we have to submit further information via the computer system-'Rio' informing them how many minutes we spent with patients and what we did with them when we saw them we saw up to 4 months ago! More time to be spent away from seeing patients.
What is all this motivated by??? Simple....Money! The NHS Trust gets more money from the Dept of Health for statistics submitted than for actual patients seen.

Further to this I might add that the Dept of Health have today come out & criticised the public for turning up at local Accident & Emergency dept's looking for treatment of "minor complaints". They say that the ill should go to see their own family doctor for treatment. Whilst I agree with the dept in saying this, the comment is ill thought out & stupid. Over the Christmas period Doctors surgeries were closed. Outside of Christmas in order to get an appointment with your family doctor you have to wait for up to 2 weeks. What bloody good is that if you're ill??!! Damn it you want treatment, so people go to a hospital. The doctor's surgeries tell you to phone up at 0830 on the morning when "appointments will be released". But when you do it is impossible to get through as the telephone lines are jammed.

So there we have it. A system in chaos.
A hospital care system staffed by Lions led by donkeys .
Thank you Cameron. Mr Bevan must be spinning in his grave.
Having said that Cameron you have private health care I'm sure.

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