Monday, 7 January 2013

How come??

You may recall from earlier posts that we took my 'mother' in to stay with us during October 2012 fol It was an unmitigated disaster. I won't bore you again with why-though to do so would be therapeutic & cathartic for me!
However. She is now in residential care and, suffice to say, I am still allowing her to create mayhem, distress, anger & guilt in me. She claims now (amongst other things that I have never "done anything for (her)".  We visit twice weekly & take her home to our home or take her out for dinner/lunch etc & pay £150 per month out of our pockets to keep in in the lovely, warm, caring place henceforth known as the 'Beeches'.But her continued complaining & ingratitude is one of the rules of the game with narcissistic personality disorders.
Nevertheless, I had a thought.: The local city council pay out £450 per week to fund 'mother' in the 'Beeches'. Now. when we had her staying with us, when we walked her out, washed her clothes, attempted to cater for her emotional needs, provided some sort of normal family relationships in a family home etc etc we received absolutely no financial help from the council.  If any was available then we were not advised about any!
The 'Beeches'. provide a supervised care package but as far as we can observe don't take the residents out to feel the wind in their faces, nor out for a cuppa in a local cafe. they play bingo, have Tai Chi weekly, the 'odd' singer coming in to sing to the residents as well as providing a warm, safe environment. I am not complaining honestly I'm not.
But I am wondering why the council pays them the £450 weekly & didn't help us (& presumably others who care for relatives at home)???

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