Monday, 14 January 2013

Old age pensions

We heard today that Cameron's utterly out of touch Government has changed the amount of and age eligibility before a person in the UK gets their old age pension. He plans to raise the basic rate of pension to around £140 per week for a couple from its average  current £105 per week . However at the same time he has announced that what he calls "high wage earner's"-nurses & policeman for example, will have to pay more in National Insurance contributions  in order to get the increase  At the same time he plans to raise the retirement age to 68yrs for everyone!!

I have, (as you might expect!) a couple of comments to make on this, the latest bit of shite to be uttered from Cameron et al.
Firstly, Nurses & other public sector workers, haven'y had a pay rise for the last 3 years-in fact in real terms nurses have had a pay decrease (this from a Government that says it "values nurses"). Secondly I cannot imagine what it must be like for a teacher or nurse to work in a classroom or on a busy medical ward at the age of 68 years of age!! I cannot imagine how a man or woman age 68 years could possibly work outside on the roads when they are 60 odd years old. God help the postman who at 68 years old has to trudge the streets in all weathers carrying  heavy sacks full of junk mail.
This is craziness!! Who said slavery was dead & buried in the UK??
Not in Cameron's 2013 Britain it isn't.

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