Friday, 26 July 2013

The UK minister for skills....his recent media release.

Matthew Hancock MP

 I heard on the radio news today a worrying and morally repugnant statement released by the UK minister for skills. No doubt it was said with the intention of gaining the favour & votes of those misguided people who harbour bigoted views about none national UK residents, but it made me heave.

The minister who goes by the name of Matthew Hancock said that "employers have social duty, when considering whether or not to take a person they should chose a local British person in preference to an immigrant".
I hear echoes of pre war Nazi Germany policy here. When the national Socialist government of Germany  (post election of Hitler) only employed Ayrian Germans in preference to Jews or those which the government considered 'unpure/inferior.
I guess though that only difference is that the UK minister for skills comment is, as I said, aimed as a vote gaining comment at those bigots in our society.
I wonder though, what kind of society are we heading for with the Government we currently have?
Those of us who forget the lessons of history are destined to repeat them.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Royal baby.....

I guess that all of you knew that I just had to have a rant about the birth of the baby to William & Catherine.So here goes: To be fair, I've left it a day or so to rant otherwise what I'd have written would make even less sense than usual!
I do wish the parent of the baby congratulations, & I hope (rather, I bloody well know) that everything will go well & work out for them.
The baby, God help him, won't have any say in what kind of life he wants. All decisions are already made for him, but that's one of the downsides of being born with a silver spoon stuck in your trap.
What I do strongly object to is (president) Cameron coming out and announcing to the world that ."..the whole of the country is excited" by the birth). What right has this man got to speak for me? How does he know the feelings of every man, woman & child in the UK? & how dare he presume that we are all "excited".
 Where is his research into whether or not the "whole of the country is excited"? The prat.
I could give a flying feck about the birth to be honest. There were a few thousand women giving birth on the day that Catherine did & I wish them all congratulations in equal measure.
Catherine gave birth in a £4k hospital suite complete with hairdresser thrown in-no cheap in & out NHS delivery suite for her folks! She had 2 personal gynaecologists in attendance throughout her delivery unlike the majority of women in the UK who give birth who never see a gynaecologist from the moment their labour begins to the day they're discharge from hospital with their baby.
Its a bullshit, unfair system we live in. The Royals live in a fantasy world in which they believe that the majority of their subjects live as they do. (I'm open for persuasion on that point though)

Then there were the scores of twats who crowded around the Palace & the hospital giving vent to their 'joy' at the birth. One person said that it was the "best Monday she had ever had"-poor sad creature. Get a fucking life!! Its all about people craving celebrity status. They're mad for it, they buy magazines full of photos & stories about celebrities, they queue up for days on end for an audition to be verbally abused by ill mannered louts like Simon Cowell in the hope of becoming a 'star'. These people live in a world of celebrity by proxy.
so there you have it. My rant on the Royal birth. Let 'em get on with it. I won't comment on how much this extra Royal mouth will cost us all-Ill leave that to you to reflect upon.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

You pay them to do your job!!!

I had (yet another) bill drop thru my letterbox the other day-many thanks Darren!! (you know who you are comrade!!)
I expect, like anybody else to get my fair share of bills & I pay them, some without question, but the majority with a grimace on my handsome mug.
The bill kindly shoved thru my letterbox by the aforementioned Darren was from the regulatory body of the UK nursing authority. This body is known these days as 'The United Kingdom Nursing & Midwifery Council'. Least-ways that's what I think they call themselves these days, because they seem to change their name as often as I change my underwear.Since I've been a nurse they've called themselves-The General Nursing Council, The UKCC, & now the long winded name I've just told you above.
Ok, to get to the point: Each year we, as qualified nurses if we desire to continue to practice our art have to register with the above named body. We are required (& should the body desire it) provide written proof that we (as nurses) have kept abreast & undertaken some additional training or other.
But here's the think people....In order to do our job(s) we have to pay the United Kingdom etc etc £100 for the privilege of doing the job. Its went up this year by £25.
The body justified this years increase by saying in a gobshite letter by saying that the bulk of the additional fee will be spent in bringing to heel those nurses amongst us who are brought before the disciplinary committee.
God almighty  are a badly behaved lot or what?
So there you have it.....I have to pay for the privilege of doing my job.
What a fucking diabolical liberty!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The UK Government privatisation of Royal Mail

It was announced last week by the Conservative/Government that The Royal Mail will be sold off to the highest bidder in the near future.
The Government have valued the service at between £2-£3 billion Sterling. However to those who use and who work in the Royal Mail its worth considerably more. The British public weren't consulted about whether or not they, the users, wanted the Royal Mail sold, and further more, the workers of The Royal Mail actually voted against the sell off of their industry to the highest bidder. This is yet another example of this Governments utter disregard of the electorates democratic voice.

Oh sure, the Government throws in a 'sweetener' to make it appear as though the public and Royal Mail employees will gain from the big give away to 'whoever'.
On this occasion they have said that the workers of Royal Mail will be given  (so its said) between 10% of shares  and an an undisclosed pay rise. What we hasn't been made public is that the Government has told the Postmen that the rise & offer of  '(free') shares is subject to them forgoing their right (s) of industrial action between now and Christmas 2013.
Now then people...... Why throw in this condition?? I wonder...?? Could it be that the Government, amid (secret) sales negotiations with would be buyers know/have planned to impose some draconian change in working conditions or pay which would be so outrageous that the workers have no option but to resort to protest. But due to the clause  thrown in by Cameron & Vince Cable they are unable to do bugger all about it? I wonder.
So then how will the sale affect us, the users of Royal Mail?? Well, I reckon that (as usual with all sale(s) of public industries to the private sector, service will deteriorate. The price of postage will increase, people will use ever more electronic mail etc which will result in decreased use of the service with the subsequent laying off of Royal Mail workers.
I bet you a pound to a penny that deliveries will be even further reduced-especially for those customers who live in rural areas who may only get a delivery weekly.
So who will buy the Royal Mail??? Who has the financial clout to pay the knock down bargain price?
Not many UK buyers I reckon. But.... Last week the Chinese were in town meeting with Cameron....& I  (along with a friend) believe that they, & they alone have the financial muscle to lay out that amount of money demanded by Cameron et al.

So there we have it. Further dismantlisation of a public owned British industry by the money motivated Conservative Government. Mark my words: The British public will live to regret this sell off. But don't hold me responsible I didn't vote Conservative & I DO NOT agree with the sale..