Thursday, 18 July 2013

You pay them to do your job!!!

I had (yet another) bill drop thru my letterbox the other day-many thanks Darren!! (you know who you are comrade!!)
I expect, like anybody else to get my fair share of bills & I pay them, some without question, but the majority with a grimace on my handsome mug.
The bill kindly shoved thru my letterbox by the aforementioned Darren was from the regulatory body of the UK nursing authority. This body is known these days as 'The United Kingdom Nursing & Midwifery Council'. Least-ways that's what I think they call themselves these days, because they seem to change their name as often as I change my underwear.Since I've been a nurse they've called themselves-The General Nursing Council, The UKCC, & now the long winded name I've just told you above.
Ok, to get to the point: Each year we, as qualified nurses if we desire to continue to practice our art have to register with the above named body. We are required (& should the body desire it) provide written proof that we (as nurses) have kept abreast & undertaken some additional training or other.
But here's the think people....In order to do our job(s) we have to pay the United Kingdom etc etc £100 for the privilege of doing the job. Its went up this year by £25.
The body justified this years increase by saying in a gobshite letter by saying that the bulk of the additional fee will be spent in bringing to heel those nurses amongst us who are brought before the disciplinary committee.
God almighty  are a badly behaved lot or what?
So there you have it.....I have to pay for the privilege of doing my job.
What a fucking diabolical liberty!

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