Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Let kids be kids.

As the old song goes......"The weather outside is freezing and......"
 In line with this people those of you who live in the UK couldn't have failed to notice that winter has (fortunately) arrived. The outside temperature around these parts seldom rises above 3C with bad frosts each night. Being the tight arse get that I am I refuse to line the pockets of the manufactures of car wind-shield  de-icers & so I cover the wind-shield with cardboard  which saves me having to scrape the the ice off in the morning. Clever or wot??
Be that as it is I heard on the radio this morning when they announced the school; closures because of the  cold weather  that 1 school had been closed because of "icy conditions". Bloody hell!. What do they expect its bloody winter!. Icy conditions my arse!!- Why are we treating the next generations as namby-pambies? We're rearing a generation of half soaked, soft kids. When I was a kid there was no finer fun than taking a run at  patch of icy & then sliding. Sure we occasionally bumped ourselves but I don't recall anyone actually braking a limb.
In the same way kids today aren't allowed to throw snow balls at one another. What the fuck is this!!??
Lets let kids be kids.

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