Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Why the Brits don't holiday in Britain??

I 'll tell you why:
Me & Kate have a couple of days off in early March. We haven't been away since October last year & Kate has been slaving away continuously since then at work (in the NHS) . So we enquired about renting a small self catering bedsit in Whitby (North Yorkshire) during early March.
Now early March in the UK is usually cold, damp & as Whitby is by the sea, its bound to be windy. We sent an email to a couple of renters asking for a quote for 2 days. The cost came back by return email....£160 for 2 days!!! £160! That's why the Brits don't holiday in Britain. Rip off Britain. They can piss off. No way will I fork out that amount of hard earned money for 2 days away In March.

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