Thursday, 31 March 2011

Twelve Months

Today is my 1st anniversary of me leaving full time employment. I know its a cliche, but the year has flown by. It really has & left in its wake some memorable events.

My daughter married, my wife achieved a MA & is in the throws of offering private therapy, I've returned to work on a part time basis, thanks to 2 new friends in Vernon, Normandy I've grown to love France & all things French even more & lots of other things that I won't bore you with!

Last Saturday I went on the TUC march in London-fortunately I didn't witness those psychopaths who reeked debacle on the streets of the capital. Their actions achieved nothing except alienating those of us who want fairness, equity & an end to the destruction of British society that Messrs Cameron & (Judas) Clegg are reeking & they reinforce the belief held by those who regard anyone who disagree with the establishment as anarchists.

But back to the anniversary. I began a 'new' job. I'm on the 'nurse bank'-ie I work temporary in a department of my choosing. I'm working in a Community Mental Health Team-2 & 1/2 days a week, 1/2 day as a community psychiatric nurse with 3 patients on my caseload & the remaining 2 days manning the 'duty' or crisis telephone. This suits me fine. I'm being paid as a 'band 6' nurse & I know the team. BUT: the irony is that I'm based in the office I left 1 year ago! This feels strange, very strange. I never dreamed that I'd return to that office. I didn't like it then. It was thrown together, a disorganised hooch potch put together by a manager who's remit, it has now become apparent, was to hasten the dismantling of the 'Gateway' service. However, now the environment is warmer,& the manager knows what he's about-even though he supports West Bromwich Albion & is crazy about heavy metal music!

Happy anniversary Woollie!!

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  1. Happy One Year anniversary but now you are back in the work force. You are amazing to do what you do, that is NOT easy work and takes a very strong and special person to work in that type of an environment. All the best to you!