Thursday, 17 March 2011

UK Government Policies re retirement & pensions

Its almost been 1 year since I retired from full time employment & the last few days I've been reflecting upon these last 12 months. I'll try to put the thoughts in some sort of order (that, in itself is a laf-as order & Paul Woolley are not words that don't often go together!) & I'll attempt to submit then on this blog in a day or so. Anyway, to the point. I've been thinking about with UK Government's current policy as regard retirement & pensions for those retired. It seems as though Cameron (the prat) has, or plans to increase the retirement age to up to 70 years for men. At the same time I note that the number of unemployed has, for the 3rd successive month increased. Now I ain't the brightest pebble on the beach, but look at it this way: If you increase the retirement age then those already in work won't be leaving, so..... there won't be jobs for those leaving school, college etc etc. Now does that add up or what?? The young jobless will (as they are doing now) go into further education-ok. But then Cameron puts up tuition fees to £9k pa for students. What a wanker that man is! He dismantles the NHS, the armed forces-scraping jet fighter Squadrons of the RAF-he then wants a 'No Fly Zone' in Libya (yeah...) I won't bore you with the rest. What a mess.

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