Monday, 28 February 2011

An opinion that some of you might not agree with....

I'm watching BBC TV this evening. Some of the stuff they put on is utter shite, crap that makes me question my licence fee. However, now & again they screen a classic period drama that is pur art.
Not so this evening. 'Crimewatch' has been on. This is a police produced programme where unsolved crimes are aired in the hope of bring the perpetrator to 'justice'.
Quite honestly the programme is horrific. It interviews victims of rape, brutal theft & the the relatives of those murdered. The programme doesn't spare any adjectives, its awful.

We heard of the cruel brutal rape of an innocent 20yrs old woman, the mother of a man murder sobbing as she told how her life has been ruined since her sons death, how a 86yr old resident of a care home had her bed set on fire which subsequently led to her death & of a 14yr old school girl raped in her own home.

And whats done to punish moreover act as a deterrent to the evil persons who perpetrate these crimes?? Very, very little.

My view is that the punishment should fit the crime. Any man who rapes a woman or who rapes another male should be emasculated-their bollocks should be cut off. Murderers should serve LIFE in prison. This sentence should reflect the damage they have inflicted-no TV in the cell. No daily newspapers, no mobile phones, 3 visits allowed per yr. Locked up for 20 hrs daily. They have rejected the 'norms' of civilsed living by their actions, so therefore they should 'live' according to their own code of morality.
I would bring back the public stocks so that the thugs who ruin the lives of others could be publicly humiliated. No mercy- what mercy was shown to the 20yr old raped by the piece of gar.bage who acted upon guttural sexual lust?? The bastard who murder the 86yr old in her bed??

Then the those who commit crime should be made to face their victim & look face to face the damage they have done, the scars that they have inflicted upon the souls they have regarded with such contempt. (This is of course assuming that the victim wishes to see again the scum who violated their life)

It sems to me that crime is paying, that a large proportion of society have no or little respect for either the rule of law or for others & do what the hell they like when they like.
Its time we took back control of the streets.

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

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  1. I have always been pro capital punishment...."an eye for an eye" I agree with you 150,000%!