Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ex-British Army boss-comments on British soldiers

It was said of the 'honest' Tommy during World War 1 that they were "Lions led by donkeys". That view has been debated since that carnage finally ended in 1918 but today I believe that that view can be finally quashed. (not really!!)

Anyway, it appears that former army boss General Lord Dannatt has had a moment of reality. He has stated that "...Many armed forces members come from chaotic backgrounds, & lack moral values when they join up..." This, he continues to say, "can lead to abuse & outrages directed towards civilians "(he particularly refers to Iraqi citizens)

I have to say that I agree with General Lord Dannett.
However, this observation doesn't mean that all members of the armed forces are cruel, barbaric thugs, rather it does I believe, reflect the morality present in the wider society where violence towards anyone & anything is considered appropriate.

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