Saturday, 26 February 2011

The nation & its health betrayed

Once again Cameron & his Quisling lackey Clegg have reneged upon their pre election promises.

I refer to their promise to "ring fence the National Health Service from any financial cuts" They said that no front line staff would loose their jobs-front line meaning doctors, nurses & midwives.

But once again the public school educated, yahoo's have lied to the nation when they announced that front line staff WOULD LOSE THEIR JOBS. I enclose below an example of those grades that will be lost in an NHS Trust in my health care area:

University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust

Total estimated post reduction from 2011-15:- All staff categories are forecast to reduce by 22.55% over this period.

2011/12: Medical & Dental - 43.28; Nursing & Midwifery - 190.06; Other Clinical - 38.74; Other - 100.48. 2012/13: Medical & Dental - 49.96; Nursing & Midwifery - 219.42; Other Clinical - 44.4; Other - 115.99. 2013/14: Medical & Dental - 32.6; Nursing & Midwifery - 143.17; Other Clinical - 29.46; Other - 75.69. 2014/15: Medical & Dental - 30.83; Nursing & Midwifery - 135.4; Other Clinical - 27.6; Other - 71.58.
A promise broken Messers Cameron & Clegg??

Yet we're told that health care will not suffer as a result of the cuts!?! Yeah.....

I understand that in 1945, following a war that left the UK virtually bankrupt, the country had the largest National Debt in its history. BUT: what did we do??? We introduced a National Health Service-Free health care for all,the envy of the world. Now, in 2011 we have a National Debt a fraction of that of 1945 but we are actually dismantling the National Health Service!!

Why?? Could it be that Cameron et al want a private health care system? as well as transport, utilities, woodlands etc etc. Systems & facilities that only the wealthy can afford?

His upper class,wealthy, immoral bankers sucked us into the present financial cesspit (& continue to take enormous bonus's whilst Cameron does sod all about it!). Whilst we, the majority of the population have to put up with a lousy transport & health care system.

I plan to march against the cuts in London next month- the Government won't take heed though- they ignored the anti Iraq War march when over 1 million people made their feelings known!

Cameron,you have betrayed & lied to us. Aneurin Bevan must be spinning in his grave.

Remember what the late Claire Raynor's final words were Mr. Cameron??? I wonder if the old lady will come back to haunt you?

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