Friday, 4 February 2011

Somethings I am unable to do....

I'll have a go at most things,
And in my timeI've done some daft things both in & out of work. Things which others might say or think "you're mad Woolley". I recall the time I spent lying on the floor restraining a psychotic male patient for 2 hours persuading him to take oral medication rather than have an injection forced upon him. He eventually took the oral stuff. Ahh, the joys & memories of a lifetime of psychiatric nursing.
However, what I am unable to do is help my cat at the moment. He stands now staring out of the lounge window at the wind; at the trees bowing to each other as if they have just had a waltz. And I suppose that's what they're doing-dancing. Not to Strauss, but to the wind, whose melody whistles & howls with a rise & fall akin to that of Gershwin. Lovely. (in this case its a very strong wind we're currently experiencing) Dancing is the safest option I guess otherwise they'd snap!

Anyway...Charlie sits there staring & listening to the wind with the patience that only a cat has. I open the door & without words suggest that he might like to go out & he responds, also without words, but with a look that says very eloquently " You are joking aren't you, you don't expect ME to go out in that wind do you?" I nod & close the door. He then yawns & continues to stare at the dancing Poplar trees & waits for the music to stop.
And the trees?? They continue to dance & bow, while the bids flutter about as if trying to catch the notes.

Dance with the wind

Let your branches flow
Dance with the wind

Let it all go
Dance with the wind

Let your spirit fly
Dance with the wind

Reach for the sky!
Dance with the wind

The Cosmos


And I!

But sorry Charlie I can't help you on this one.

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  1. but you DID help Charlie! First, he is better off indoors where it is safe and warm....second, he knows you love him because you TRIED! You are AWARE and that is what matters.
    Loved the poem!