Monday, 31 January 2011

History does repeat itself

I'm not sure who said it but there is a saying that goes something like.."He that does not learn the lessons of history is destined to repeat them".
As I've said before, its my belief that the war waged in Afghanistan is morally wrong. It is a war that can never be 'won'. The history of the last 200 years of Afghanistan proves this. If you require further evidence look no further than the Russian experience in that country.

I note today that the 'Allies' in Afghanistan have implemented a policy of raising all buildings in Sangine Provence with the intention of destroying/unearthing 'IED's'. All buildings includes houses, schools & Mosques. The inhabitants of the villages were interviewed by the BBC & they felt alienated, anti allies, depressed & confused by this policy. In reality this practice will drive the inhabitants into the arms of the Taliban.

I am reminded of a war which ended in the 1970's-Vietnam. In this war a similar policy/practice was carried out when 'Agent Orange' was dropped remorselessly on the rain forests & land in an attempt to deprive the Viet Cong a hiding place.
We all know people how that war ended up, &. the number of lives it claimed both amongst the native population of Vietnam & amongst the American & allied troops.

My heart cries when I watch news programmes like the one I saw this evening. Weeps for a generation that will be scarred, families that will be left without a son or daughter (both in the west & in Afghanistan) & for a country being raped & ravaged by the rich barons of the west.

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