Wednesday, 5 January 2011

me, the BBC,the local cats & the garbagemen....

I think on reflection that the late great Andy Warhol got his timing a wee bit wrong when he said that "In the future...everyone will be famous for 15 minutes..." Cos in Woolley's case it was just about 15 bloody seconds thanks to the Governments mouthpiece -AKA the BBC.
Now wot the hell am I on about?? Stick with me people & if you're sitting comfortably I'll begin....

You may, or may not know that here in Birmingham the binmen are on strike. This has resulted in piles of black plastic bin liners full of household trash lining our streets for the past 4 weeks.....wonderful! En route to post a letter yesterday I espied this fellow with a rather swanky camera & a fluffy mike at the end of our street. " Would you mind answering a few questions about the garbageman's strike?" he politely asks. "I would be delighted" I retort thinking that this would my chance to both have a rant across the airways, & to achieve Mr Warhol's belief relating to the 15 minutes of fame!
The poor camerman thus fell victim to me giving what I believe to be a composed, though I think a caustic rant about the local council & the amount I pay in Council Tax, & what I actually think of the rubbish on the streets etc whilst at the same time speaking of my support for our brothers the binmen in their struggle for justice.
I was with him for about 15 minutes!!
BUT...when my interview was aired on the BBC I was only on for barely 15 seconds!!
I was robbed gov'nor!! My place in history restrained by the mouthpiece of David (I'm alright jack!) Cameron's Government i.e. the BBC.
But its not all bad news.
The local felines are having great sport ripping open the rubbish bags & nibbling at any tasty tit bits they find. I saw one lucky ginger tom on Sunday dragging the cadaver of a Christmas turkey across the street! He gave me & the wife a sneering grimace as if to say "sod off mate this is MINE go & find yer own bag!"
But guess what??? They came & cleared our street last teatime!! The bin men, not the lucky ginger tom & his mates.
And me??? I'm applying for my 'Equity' card! Yesss......
Mr Spielberg....I'm available.

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