Friday, 28 January 2011

Stalin is alive & well......

And living in Carlisle.
He is y'know..... I heard it as much on BBC Radio 4 news this evening.

It goes like this: Carlisle City Council has sent an E-Mail to all its employees forbidding them to chat to each other in works time. Instead they have been told to 'clock off' (for which they won't get paid) when they want to talk to a workmate. The Council have said that their employees spend too much time talking about "pets, babies or the weather".
They have also said that those workers who take 'cigarette breaks' should also 'clock off' for the duration of their smoke. Now this I do agree with I have to say, but why not just limit the number of smoking breaks a smoker has? Give employee a bit of personal responsibility.

Personally, I blame that bastard David Cameron for this act of despotism-pay freezes, redundancies, massive reductions in the financial amounts Councils receive from Central Government.
Which leads me to my next rant: The news also announced that there has been an increase in the number of thefts of central heating oil from homes in rural areas. Home owners have been apparently been advised by Police to (wait for it...) put a padlock on their central heating oil tanks!!.... Holy Mother of God!!
Thieves also this week stole £50k worth of copper from old steam engines at the base of the Severn Valley Railway as well as £2k worth from the trams based at the Black Country Museum. Anarchy is breaking out I fear.

Again I believe that the architect of this lawlessness is Cameron ablly asisted by his ex public school chancellor George Osborne.
It was they who slashed (nationally) Police budgets. E.G. West Midlands Police has stopped recuiting & has apparently made 100K police (inc backroom staff) redundant.

Yes people, Josef Stalin is alive & living in Carlisle.

PS> Bring it on the people of Egypt!! Those who wish to see the end of despotic regimes & Police States I applaud you!

2011 seems to be becoming the year of revolutions.

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