Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bankers Bonus the latest......

I hear that the chief executive of Barclay's Bank-Bob Diamond- has awarded himself/been awarded a bonus of £8,000,000.
i ask how can this be in any way justified when today the Chief Constable of Birmingham announced that due to Government cutbacks Birmingham (the UK's second city), will in the next 12 months, have 1,000 fewer policeman on its streets. The City cannot afford to protect its citizen, safeguard its vulnerable & weak, whilst Mr Bob Diamond no doubt will continue to reside in the lap of luxury prostituting himself at his clients expense.

Mr. Diamond is awarded a bonus of £8,000,000 while down your street (if you live in the UK) nurses have had to suffer a pay freeze for the last 3 years & will have to suffer another freeze for the next year at least. To add insult to injury nurses have had ALL incremental pay rises frozen for the past 3 years & next year also.

Take a look outside your window fellow Brummies:
What do you see??
Piles of black bin liners with garbage spilling out? Recycling boxes laden with soggy newspapers, broke glass & empty cans?? The garbage collectors have had their £400 PA bonus taken away from them by the City Council......meant while Mr Diamond gets his bonus of....£8,000,000.

This is morally unjustified.

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