Thursday, 27 January 2011

A rant from a tired

I went shopping in the supermarket straight from work today & I don't know if it was because I was tired or what but I was unable to find the flour that I use to make my bread. I found it eventually in the isle entitled' Home baking'. Bloody hell have you gotta be a member of Mensa to shop these days?

But I've come up with a solution. Sample: I believe that all the isles in supermarkets should be arranged in alphabetical order. Easy eh?

And another thing .I'm sick to the back teeth of being told that I should do this & that by organisations that I have payed bloody hard earned money for. I'm thinking here of my recent plane flight to Belfast. WE were told pre take off to pay attention to the air steward as he/she explained how to put on the life jacket, that we had to read the in flight safety card. Sod off!! I don't want to! (I didn't) Its my choice. Same as when I go on the train~: They tell you over the loudspeaker to "make sure that you take all your bags & suitcases with you when you leave the train". But what if I DON'T WANT TO TAKE MY CASE WITH ME? Suppose I want to leave my case on the train? Its MY case & I'll do what the hell I want with it!! Sod off!

I'm through moaning...for now...

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  1. somebody is cranky!!!!!!

    I think your alphabetical grocery store idea is complete genius!! Write to all of the stores and tell them, it is quite logical!