Saturday, 12 February 2011


I enjoy most genres of music. I don't like modern jazz though, it makes my teeth itch.!

Give me Blues (but in my humble opinion 'real Blues' can only be song by a black person). I enjoy classical music & 'Rag Time jazz music.

Having said that I do think that there is too much music around, &, like anything that you have too much off; it becomes boring, tiresome, & is often taken for granted.

Think of the environments that you hear music during your day: On the TV, the radio, your mobile phone ring tone, on the telephone whilst you're waiting to be connected even in lifts as you ascend to the floor of your choice.

When we had less music we appreciated it more. It was valuable, a thing to treasure which permeated deep into your marrow. Remember (those of us who are over 50years of age!) the first 'single record' you had?You probably like me played it over & over again til the damn thing wore out! I often spot as I'm walking or cycling about broken CD's carelessly cast aside in the gutter. Music has become too easily available for us its cowshit in the country.

That's sad. Because music is God given, its beautiful whatever its genre. Treasure your music people, try not to be influenced by others who attempt to trivialise & deface it.

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