Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Bradford West By -Election & George Galloway MP.


George Galloway is the Respect Party MP for Bradford West. He has also been the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow and before that Glasgow Kelvin and Glasgow Hillhead. George is the Nominating Officer for the Respect Party and founder of the Viva Palestina convoys.

For some historical reason or another Political elections in the UK are (for as long as I can remember ) held on a Thursday. Heaven alone knows why, & hopefully someone out there who takes the time to read my rantings will tell me why.
Anyway. Last Thursday there was a 'By-Election' in Bradford West seat. The seat of Bradford West is in Yorkshire. The seat was viewed as a 'safe' Labour seat prior to the election however.....
The Labour Party lost the seat...& how!!! Wow! They lost it to the 'Respect Party'. The 'Respect Party was formed in 1994, it is a left wing party that states that it opposes war, privatisation and unemployment. It is opposes the Fascist right wing English Defence League & stands on a platform of democracy, peace & justice.
 One the main figures in the party is the ex Labour member of Parliament George Galloway. He is a larger than life fella with firm Socialist beliefs. A Scot, he calls a 'spade a spade' and I have to admit, I like the guy.

He stood as 'Respect' candidate in Bradford West & won! he beat the Labour candidate by 10,000 votes! Th Tories came third with the (now totally discredited) Liberal-Democrats actually losing their deposit!
He has gone on record as saying that the election heralded  "A Bradford Spring". Now,I don't know about that, but I warmly welcome the return of George Galloway to the House of Commons.

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