Friday, 30 March 2012

A supplement to my post in the petrol shortage in the UK

It had to happen. Due in part to the ill thought out advice given out by Francis (I'm a middle class ejjitt) Maud & the other ejjitts in the Tory Party.
"Store petrol in Jerry cans...." he told the British public, "store them in your garage or shed/outhouse" he said.
So a dutiful lady in York (North Yorkshire) did just that. Only..... she was decanting petrol from a jerry can via a kitchen jug into another container for her daughter's car...when the vapour ignited and she suffered 60% burns to her body.
And you know.... it looks now that there'll be no petrol shortage until after the Easter holidays. Even then its not certain that there'll actually be a strike.

The worlds gone mad.

And sadly my 97 year old mother in law is dying in the Mater Hospital in Belfast. May her end by peaceful, painless & may God welcome her into eternal life with a smile & a hug.

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