Thursday, 29 March 2012

The petrol shortage in the UK

The guys who deliver the petrol to the garages here in the UK have voted to go on strike. They haven't said when they'll go on strike, but the general mood is that it'll be over the Easter period.
I have no issue with the lads striking. They're striking over the conditions in which they work and not for more pay, and even if they were.....well more power to them. power to the people!!

Anyhow. How about this for twatish advice from the British Government: Francis Maud-the Chairman of the Conservative Party no less came out yesterday & advised the public to store petrol (gas) in 20 litre Jerry cans in their sheds, garages &/or outhouses. Brilliant. Point 1: Its apparently illegal to store more than 5 litres of petrol, & a Jerry can holds....20 litres.Secondly, the local thugs & pyromaniacs would have a field day with cans of petrol lying about. Imagine it. However the Fire brigade Union came out & told him to withdraw the advice. Of course, he denied he said it. That advice coming from the leaders of the country. Scary stuff....
Then Cameron comes out today & says that the public motorists should top up their petrol tanks when they need to, or at least when their tanks are half full.
The effect of these two pieces of advice were to cause mass hysteria on garage forecourts. People panic brought petrol, some garages sold out of petrol, arguments ensued between motorists who were topping up & general mayhem was the order of the day.
Cameron et al haven't got a damn clue. hey are so out of touch with the people of this country its beyond belief.

However in their defence ......When that middle class prat Francis Maud spoke of sheds & outhouses I reckon that he believed that EVERYONE in the country has sheds, garages & outhouses like he & the other members of the Government have.....the size of the average British house at least 1 acre away from their main dwellingg place.
 God knows Mr Maud you are so out of touch.

I won't be panic buying. I'll use me bike or else use the bus.

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