Saturday, 10 March 2012


This week saw the death of 6 more British soldiers in Afghanistan. The total number of British dead in this pointless conflict now stands at 404. I have no idea of how many young man & women have returned home without limbs &/or who's mental state is in tatters. We never hear of these figures, I guess its because if Joe Public did then there would be outcry. But daily I heard the hum of the Chinook helicopter as it wends it way to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital baring  the scared bodies & minds of the young who have sacrificed upon the altar of Helmand Province.

I have no idea also of the number of American personnel who have suffered death or have been maimed in that country that has become synonymous with fear, death & unhappiness. How many families here in the UK, & in the United States who have sons & daughters in the military must dread the knock at the door in the night, or the sight of a military officer walking to their door?

There are however the 'hidden dead'. The thousands of Afghan civilians who have been killed or maimed in the course of this pointless war. We never hear of these. We never hear of the children made orphans by the slaughter that has become Afghanistan. Those who's lives & minds have been ripped apart -& for what gain??!

I have spoken  before with passion on my feelings about this war. But I wish to reiterate that we, the West should end this war. The war is illegal. It has NEVER been sanctioned by the United Nations. We have invaded a sovereign nation & proceeded to reek mayhem & slaughter upon its people. How can this be legal or morally right?? We the West have no moral nor legal justification to be in Afghanistan acting as we do.
Our actions in Afghanistan are as illegal as was Iraq's invasion of  Kuwait in 1990.

I wonder if those politicians who authorise this war will, when we eventually do pull out, apologise to those families & to the people of Afghanistan for the loss of life? because as sure as eggs is eggs, the Taliban will return to take control of Afghanistan  when we leave. Damn it, President Obama, has told the Taliban when the 'Allies' plan to leave! So all they have to do is sit about cleaning their AK47's, planting the odd IED & growing Heroin poppies.

Letrs end this slaughter now.

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