Thursday, 23 February 2012

The bankers continue to bleed us.

I note today that The Royal Bank of Scotland today posted its latest financial report today and sad to say they continued to reflect a loss. The latest figure(s) say that in 2011 the bank lost £2billion pounds. To be fair this is less than the previous year.
This is the bank that is 82% owned by the British tax payer, & I reckon judging by this loss chief executive Stephen Hester ain't got any reason to crow about!
What sticks in my gullet is that despite this (still) massive loss he awards his investment bankers the grand total sum £800 million! How can he justify this amount in 'bonus' payout whilst the bank still makes a loss? Shouldn't this amount be ploughed back into the financial coffers of the bank that I part own??
Stephen Hester says that he believes that it is "...... important that we reward good people for making progress within the banks...."
C'mon Steve, take a reality check: 99% of the British public hasn't had a pay rise for a least 2 years, families in the major cities are having their family diet subsidised by charity run food banks, the % of elderly people suffering from malnutrition in the UK is rising, the unemployment figures are increasing monthly and you award your leeches a further pay bonus!!
Tell me Mr Hester, when your planet was destroyed, did any more of your kind make it to this trouble planet we call earth??

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