Saturday, 4 February 2012

Winter has finally arrived!!

Although the temperature has now warmed up from -4C this morning in Birmingham to  a current 0C, with this increase in temperature the God of  Winter has graced the environs around these parts with her mantilla of snow.
Its been falling silently but relentlessly since 1303(GMT)  & now, at 2115 (GMT), the snowflakes in their beauty continue to parachute down from the heavens.
Like the kid that I still am,I've been out throwing snowballs from the loft bedroom window & listening to them "boom" as they land with a dull thud on the roofs of the parked cars outside my house.
Remember people...."growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional"-that's' one of my motto's & beliefs & I'm sticking to it!!
However to give you a taste of what the snow looks like (if you need an example!) in Birmingham B14, I took a photo a short time ago for you glance at & shiver...
Stay warm people wherever you are...or if you're in your summer, stay chilled, have a beer, & think of us poor sods in the Northern Hemisphere!.

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