Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Laziest people in Europe??!!

I almost choked over my Marmite on toast breakfast this morning. I had the 8am news on BBC Radio 4 as usual when they announced that in a recent survey the population of the UK was found to be the most ..."obese and laziest nation in Europe...". The researchers who came up with these findings said that adults ..."ought to engage in at least 30 minutes moderate activity per week, such activity would be walking or cycling...." And that 65% of the UK population fail to meet recommended levels of physical activity.

All well and good I say, & no doubt that their findings are probably correct.. However I wonder if these esteemed  (who hail from Brazil incidentally),white-coated, head in the clouds researchers have included in their research the facts that we are possibly the 1 nation in Europe with the fewest holidays?Have they taken into account that Cameron & his crowd of robbers now make the (few) workers there are work up until they are approx' 72 yrs of age on average?  Or that by the end of the working day the working population are too tired to actually go out fro a brisk walk on streets denuded of front line police officers by his Government, in their attempts to either save money or provide security for the damn Olympic Games?
Have these hair brained researchers taken into the equation that here in the UK the weather is totally awful, that is rained daily for the last 3 months, or that in winter it gets dark at 3:30pm? (when most of us still employed are still at work).
I'm not the most active of Brits nor am the most fit or slimmest,I do try to go out on my bike (weather permitting!) daily or have a walk in my local park at least weekly with Kate. But I'm also aware that I am very lucky. I have 2 lovely parks nearby and that I am semi retired and have the benefit of daylight & more energy.

I sometimes wish though that these research people would ;look at the bigger picture. But maybe they do.....& the BBC (the Governments mouthpiece) only tell us not even half the picture...rather the bit of the picture the Government wants us to see & hear(?).
O yes...the researches also siad that drinking "moderate amounts of alcohol in middle to late age can increse the onset of dementia. Common sense or what?!

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