Sunday, 22 July 2012

A bunch of paper pushing unjust prats?

An item in the news in the UK today takes the biscuit. It illustrates to me that in the UK today there are lots of laws but very little justice. It illustrates that the nation is run in reality by faceless bureaucratics' who pass judgement on the population at the stroke of a ball point pen and rubber stamp.

I don't agree with the war in Afghanistan. Its not a just war, a war that can never be 'won'. And as if to illustrate the unjust nature of the war a British soldier with 13 years service, service which has seen him serve this country in Iraq & in Afghanistan. earned him a string of medals, suffer the torture of PTSD and now he has left the British army hoping to settle in the UK.
You see the soldier in question is not from the UK. He's a Commonwealth citizen from the islands of Fiji.
Normally it appears that when a soldier from the Commonwealth has served 4 years service in the British armed forces they are entitled to become British citizens. The soldier in question-Lance Corporal Baleweil as left the army and has applied to the British Government to become a citizen. He is married to a English wife and has 2 children.
However: His application has been REFUSED!!  L/Cpl Baleweil has to leave the UK in 1 week and return to Fiji. He is being deported. Yes you read correctly...Deported.

Why?? Well it appears that some years ago he was (whilst in the army, he got into a fight with another soldier prompted by alcohol. L/Cpl Baleweil was never charged by the army, he was apparently 'disciplined 'and fined. That's all
But because of this 1 'sin' he is being denied citizenship by the nation he served. The UK border agency (who apparently wields the sword' on these matters, has decided: he has to get the hell out of the UK.
What a disgraceful way to treat  a man who was prepared to lay his life down for the country he hoped he'd be able to settle in.

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