Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Further nonsense on the 2012 Olympics.

Its a matter of days now to the financial farce that has become known as the London Olympic Games 2012.
No doubt the television and radio will be full of  it-the events, bullshit & all the other paraphernalia that been promised. I hope that Radio 4 & Classic FM will provide some sort of refuge from this sporting burlesque show of  prattle.
But it gets worse: The British Government have decided to position some Surface to Air (anti aircraft missiles) on the roof(s) of residential blocks of flats/apartments! This, the Government say is to deter would be terrorists from launching an attack on the Games.The residents of the flats & apartments apparently went to the High Court in an attempt to appeal against the Governments decision to position these missiles but guess what....they lost their appeal. Surprise, surprise.
I seem to remember a while ago the 'coalition' forces who, whilst they waged yet another of their illegal wars, condemned the despotic Saddam Hussain for using the people of Iraq as 'Human shields'. Hmmm....
Whatever. The whole concept of citing surface to air anti aircraft missiles on roofs of residential properties is insane &over the top. I note that there are no missiles sited near Knightsbridge or Mayfair or anywhere else nearby the West End of London. Nor are there any missiles sited around the finanical area of the City of London -maybe there's a message in that though!!
 My history tells me that during the Second World War the Brits cited their anti aircraft guns away from residential property.

Ranting about matters financial, I see that Bob Diamond the former chief exe' of Barclay's Bank was awarded £2,000,000 as a golden handshake from the company. For once people words fail me.... You don't hear that very often do you!!!

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